Find the latest NBA 2K21 locker code here. Updates every day, so you will never miss any code. Enter these codes to get free rewards, such as players, gift packs, and tokens.

What is the NBA 2K locker code?

The NBA 2K locker code is a text code, and you can enter NBA 2K to unlock the game’s rewards. These usually include player cards, player packages.

Token and VC (also known as virtual currency). As long as the game server remains online, some locker codes’ validity period will expire, while other locker codes can be redeemed.

How to redeem the NBA 2K locker code
Use the NBA 2K locker password, select the MyTeam area from the main menu, then scroll to other functions in the submenu, and select the locker password. There, enter the NBA 2K locker code listed above.

If you enter the “locker code” correctly, you will be taken to a mini-game, usually a “lost ball.” There is a stage with various colored areas at the bottom. Each colored sector corresponds to a different reward. There is no real strategy here because it is a game of chance. Put down the ball, wait for it to settle, and see which prize you have unlocked.

Where can I get the locker code for NBA 2k games?
NBA 2K Twitter account NBA 2K My team Twitter account NBA 2k website Some locker codes never expire. Enthusiastic players who want to access the locker password that never expires can also visit this website.

NBA 2K locker code rewards?
The NBA 2K locker codes have been disclosed in the game, and they allow players to receive in-game rewards for free. Eastern Season Tipping Package, Western Season Tipping Package, 1 Token, 500 MTP | Expires-September 11 Although some players may be disappointed to find out that they have not obtained NBA 2K VC through Locker Code now, there will be some good ones prize. The “tip” package found in the “one-to-one welcome” code is particularly concerned. Indeed, the fans who end up with the Eastern Conference package may eventually become the proud owners of the mighty Diamond Larry Bird.

Even the packages earned through my Team-Community-Hub Locker Code are of no value because their content can be provided through exchanges for better returns. This feature can be found on the main screen of MyTeam, and NBA 2K players who visit this section can better understand what is required for various exchanges.

As the progress of MyTeam is confirmed to continue to the next generation of NBA 2K, it will become one of the most popular products in this year’s competition. I hope that players will be successful from the locker code found in this guide, and start their new journey with this new motion simulator from the developer Visual Concepts, to get an excellent starting point.

Locker CodesExpiry DateRewards
PD-MITCH-RICHMOND-THROWBACK2/22/21Throwback Moments: Pacific Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or Tokens
THE-RETURN-S4-SUPER-PACKS2/23/21Flash 5, Flash 6, Inferno, Retro 2K Vol. 2, IDOLS Series II: AD, or a Throwback Moments Pack
MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUBNever Expires1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack