Madden 24 Tips & Tricks: Passing, Catches, Running, Defensive, Camera Settings and More

Welcome to the world of Madden 24! From mastering passing mechanics to executing game-changing celebrations, we’ve got you covered. Learn the intricacies of catching techniques, unleash running prowess, and discover defensive tactics that’ll keep your opponents at bay. With insights into camera settings, X Factor abilities, and special teams manoeuvres, you’ll gain a competitive edge. Get ready to dominate the game with these invaluable tips and tricks!

Passing Mechanics: Mastering the Art of Throws

There are five types of passes in Madden 24: Bullet Pass, Lob Pass, Touch Pass, High Pass, and Low Pass. Each serves a different purpose, so understanding when to use them is crucial.

  • Bullet Pass: Hold down the receiver icon for a powerful throw. Great for tight windows and quick releases.
  • Lob Pass: Tap the receiver icon for a high-arcing throw. It’s useful for floating the ball over defenders.
  • Touch Pass: Press and release the receiver icon for a balanced throw between bullet and lob passes.
  • High Pass: Hold down LB (L1 on PlayStation) while throwing for a throw that aims higher, useful for jump ball situations.
  • Low Pass: Hold down the left trigger (L2 on PlayStation) while throwing for a low trajectory pass.

Catching Techniques: Secure, RAC, and Aggressive

Knowing how to catch the ball is equally important. Different situations call for different catches.

  • Secure Catch: After releasing the ball, use the A (X on PlayStation) button for a safe catch that protects against turnovers.
  • RAC (Run After Catch) Catch: Hold down X (Square on PlayStation) to catch the ball while maintaining momentum for extra yards.
  • Aggressive Catch: Use the Y button for contested catches, particularly effective in jump ball scenarios.

Running Mechanics: Evading Defenders and Gaining Yards

Running the ball effectively can turn the tide of a game. Master these moves for maximum impact.

  • Juke: Flick the right stick left or right to execute a quick juke move and dodge defenders.
  • Stiff Arm: Press A (X on PlayStation) to push away tacklers and maintain your running lane.
  • Spin Move: Press B for a spin move that evades defenders in close quarters.
  • Dive: Press X to dive forward for extra yardage or to reach the end zone.
  • Truck: Flick the right stick up to initiate a truck move, using your ball carrier’s strength to power through tackles.
  • Hurdle: Press Y to leap over defenders and continue your run.

Defensive Tactics: Tackles, Hit Sticks, and User Controls

Effective defense can change the course of a game. Master these moves to shut down your opponents.

  • Aggressive Tackle: Press X (Square on PlayStation) for a forceful tackle attempt.
  • Breakdown Tackle: Press A (X on PlayStation) for a safer tackle that reduces the risk of broken tackles.
  • Stand-Up Tackle: Hold A right before contact to engage in a wrestling-style tackle.
  • Hit Stick: Flick the right stick up for a big hit that can cause fumbles. Flick down for a lower hit that tackles at the legs.
  • Player Switching: Press B to switch to another player on defense.

Camera Settings: Customizing Your View

Finding the right camera angle can greatly improve your gameplay. Experiment with different settings using these controls.

  • Change Camera Angle: Push up and down on the D-pad to switch camera angles.
  • Player Lock: Press down on the left stick to focus on your controlled player.

Superstar X Factor Abilities: Unleash Unique Skills

Certain players possess Superstar X Factor abilities that can change the course of the game. Discover these abilities and use them strategically.

Celebrations: Flaunt Your Skills

Scoring a touchdown or making a game-changing play is a perfect time to celebrate. Use the right stick to select from various celebration options.

Special Teams: Field Goals and Trick Plays

Don’t neglect special teams play, as it can swing the game in your favour.

  • Field Goals: Use the A button to start the meter, then press A again when it reaches the desired power and accuracy.
  • Fake Field Goals: Mix things up by using fake field goal plays from your playbook.

Hot Routes and Play Calling: Customize Your Strategy

Modify receiver and running back routes to catch your opponent off guard.

  • Hot Routes: Change a receiver’s route by pressing Y (Triangle on PlayStation), selecting the receiver, and using the right thumbstick to modify their route.
  • Changing Plays: Press X (Square on PlayStation) to bring up the play selection menu and choose a different play.

Training Camp: Sharpen Your Skills

Utilize the Training Camp feature to practice different moves, improve your gameplay, and refine your skills.

With these tips and tricks in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to becoming a Madden 24 champion. Practice, adapt, and dominate the competition. Remember, it’s not just about knowing the Madden 24 controls but also understanding when and how to apply them in the heat of the game. Get out there and make your mark on the field!

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