League Player Pulls Off Unbelievable Draven Double Kill – Global Ultimates Make For Epic Highlights


One League player called gumayusiL9 published a video on the video games Subreddit on Feb. 1. In the clip, Driven sent his ultimate towards the enemy base, and quite surprisingly handled to secure 2 eliminates onto opponent Vi and Janna, who went back to the base literally half a 2nd before the ult got here. As an outcome, both champs were killed by the advertisement bring.

Usually, Driven gamers don’t send their supreme towards the enemy base for no factor. In this case, it’s likely that the gamer saw opponent Janna recalling near her second-tier mid-lane turret on low health, which may have motivated the player to utilize it by doing this. Whatever the reason, it was a genuine bullseye.

Additionally, it was highlighted that this play took place in the Challenger ranking, making it a lot more impressive. A double kill this early in the video game must’ve also accelerated Ravens scaling, changing him into a fatal hazard much earlier than expected.

Driven is one of the most effective advertisement carries in the existing meta. He boasts a 51.69 percent win rate in Master+ ranks, according to League statistics site U.GG. He likewise made a few appearances in different competitive leagues across the world.

International ultimate in League of Legends can be a main tool to produce some exceptional highlights, and one player just recently did simply that.

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