3 Changes We Want To See In Madden 24 This Year

In spite of being several months away, we can’t wait to see what EA has in shop for Madden 24 this year!

We are anticipating the video game to be released in mid-August of this year, but we need to know more about the brand-new video game in the months developing up to introduce.

With that in mind, here are 3 things we wish to see in Madden 24.



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The material within BUT likewise requires upgrading, with irregular releases with little to no details readily available on its information annoying for fans.

BUT Revamp

Team of the Week releases have all the essentials covered, but EA can do more with the improved products, simply as they have carried out in FIFA 23.

Both the NHL and Madden video games have their own Ultimate Group modes, and it seems like Madden would benefit enormously from following the FIFA design.


Streamlining the mode to make it easier for gamers to play competitively or challenge themselves in alternate game modes is a start.

EA’s FIFA social pages are far more active too, and this all contributes to the playing experience in BUT.

EA already has a winning formula when it pertains to Ultimate Group mode with their FIFA franchise leading the method.

Improved Physics Engine

The only way we can describe the existing engine is one that enables a lot of incidental contacts and makes players feel ‘floaty’.


In what is a quite common problem each year, the Madden 24 physics engine will still need a few more tweaks to actually represent the type of action we see on the field in the real life.

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Whether that’s running backs attacking a gap or receivers challenging double protection, the video game will benefit from the extra physical feel.

In truth, the weight of the game is much higher, and it would be great to see the physics engine shot and duplicate this in tight spaces.


Fresh Face of the Franchise


EA appears to fight with developing exciting stories and establishing the immersive feel of their story modes, so this would be a huge favorable.

In this field, NBA 2K’s Career is the leading mode, with its immersive cinematic video gaming experience leaving it clear as primary.

Simply as BUT can take motivation from FIFA Ultimate Team, the Face of the Franchise Mode can likewise look at a successful story mode for enhancements.

Will EA go all in on developing a compelling Face of the Franchise Mode in Madden 24? It seems unlikely, however we can only hope!

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