Riot Admits Yuumis Problems and Reveals Goals for Champions Rework

Among his more than 160 champions, League of Legends has a series of hated characters, such as Yahoo, Zed, Katarina, but among the latest MOB champions, there is a creature that stands out: Yuri.
The world’s most hated cat will receive a Rework soon, after Riot Games decides that she’s gradually shaking her would not fix her and then opt for a bolder approach to the changes she needs.


Recently the developer talked more about the goals she wants to achieve with Yuri’s rework, which include preserving her original project in respect of players who like her, but also make her less frustrating.

Understanding why Yuri is so hated

According to Rioter True, a game designer, Yuri has become accessible to many players since its release, but also has all the most frustrating mechanics of the game: typical charming defenses, hyperescalation, access to powerful initiation tools and the ability to stay
We always seek to keep charming control through the achievement of skills and low durability, which often limit the effectiveness with which the class can protect and help melee allies. For example, fighters and killers who throw themselves in enemy rear need to do
This without the help of the Lulu shield or the healing of Soraya, and usually have skills and useful items for it. Yuri ends up surrounding it a lot, as it can freely jump to the strongest champion, regardless of what has happened
At the beginning of the game, True wrote.

In addition, Riot admitted that even with the various changes Yuri has received, she was not a problem, especially in the professional competitive scenario, in which she was an inexhaustible source of complaints between the players around the world.
In this way, the developer listed four reasons why he believes that Yuri is so hated:
Losing the route to her often makes it appear that the match is lost due to the strong climbing;
Yuri’s power is not linked to its own success, so winning it on the route does not seem to make so much impact as it can easily change partner;
Being the Yuri shooter is not so much fun, as her start to the game is weak in solo matches, and she always ends up connecting to other people;
In the professional scenario, she hardly gives no counterattack, as she has powerful defensive and initiation skills.

What can we expect from New Yuri?

If your dream of life was Yuri can no longer toss to other champions, we feel a lot, because it will not happen.
In the past, Riot has already picked up a lot of the community by changing completely champions that had unique characteristics, such as Matrix, leaving their orphans of their old versions.
In this way, Yuri will continue to have some of his main mechanics, but with some changes.
We want the Yuri Rework to be easy to learn for charming, focusing on protecting and strengthening allies. This means that we will have a greater emphasis on how the champion helps the allies at the beginning of the match, exchanging damage and group control
For more strength and initial defense. We conclude that being connected for long periods is essential to the base of the current players of the kitten and for those who are learning to play. But as vulnerability and fragility are the main weaknesses of charming, our project will also require that
We find other ways to play against Yuri. Examples of this: make the success of the champion dependent on the performance on the route, to make her skills easier to dodge and make it less powerful in characters with high mobility.
According to the developer, the Rework is still in the early stages of development, and that new information will be revealed in 2023.

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