8 Tips To Defeat Mega Firnontor In Pokemon GO

Do you want to defeat Mega Fermentor in Pokémon GO? We show you the best counterattacks here in the guide for the mega raids.

The best counterattack versus Mega Fermentor in Pokémon Go in the guide.

We show you the very best movements and assailants.
With this you can beat in charge in mega-raids.
What is Mega Fermentor for a Pokémon?
Fermentor originates from the third generation of play and has the kind of ice cream.
The mega advancement becomes a mega business, which also belongs to the ice cream.
When does Mega Fermentor come?
You can find the employer from December 15th at 10:00 a.m. local time in Pokémon GO.
He will remain in the game by January 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. We show you the best counterattack versus Mega-Firnontor and against which types it is weak (type efficiency).

MEGA Fermentor defeat in the RAID-with these counterattacks

  1. Mega-Lohgock with counterattack and low cannonade
  2. Mega-Glurak Y with fire vertebrae and Low Cannonade
  3. Crypto Metairie lines with cartridge cuts and stars
  4. Terrarium with a double kick and tactical blade
  5. Crypto duck with fire tooth and heat nozzles
  6. Mega demon with fire tooth and flame throwing
  7. Crypto-Ho-oh with crossing and calling fire+.
  8. Mega-Glurak X with fire vertebrae and Low Cannonade.
  9. Crypto lava dos with fire vertebra.
  10. Crypto-mache with counterattack and force.
  11. Yeshiva with fire tooth and heat dog crate.
  12. Lucio with counterattack and aurasphere.
  13. Meta lines with a cartridge cut and star cutting.
  14. Mega-aerodactyl with stone throw and stone hail.
  15. Crypto-tornupto with crews and look cannonade.
  16. Flampivian with a fire tooth and heat crate.
  17. Crypto-Magbrant with fire vertebrae and fire chimney.
  18. Crypto-Glurak with fire vertebrae and Low Cannonade.
  19. Crypto-Hariyama with counterattack and force.
  20. Crypto despot with a catapult and stone edge.
    Weaknesses of Mega Fermentor: The Pokémon comes from the kind of ice cream and is for that reason vulnerable to eliminate, fire, rock and steel.
    So in Raids, primarily depends on attacks and Pokémon of these types to beat mega-frontor.
    Is there Shiny Mega Fermentor?
    Yes, you can catch Shiny Fermentor after Mega-Raids in Pokémon Go.
    If you develop the Shiny with a mega advancement, Mega-Firnontor is likewise stunning.


How lots of trainers do you require?
With the finest counterattacks at a high level, you can beat in charge in pairs or three.
With lower levels, but strong counterattacks, you ought to depend on more coaches.
In order to quickly produce the raids, groups with many individuals are perfect.

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