Will Namor get his own movie? Explained


Marvel’s first antihero, Enamor The Sub-Mariner, made his long-awaited debut in Marvel’s cinematographic universe in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, who left fans anxious to see more of Balkan’s king. Enamor has a long history in layers in Marvel Comics and has assumed the role of hero and villain over the years. The character deserves his own movie, but making it a reality could be a bit complicated for Marvel Studios. Here is everything we know about whether Enamor will have his own movie.

Will Enamor get his own movie?

At the moment, Enamor is unlike Disney Marvel’s continuous employment relationship with Sony also allows them to include Spider-Man in the MCU. On paper, the MCU has the entire Marvel play book at your disposal, but there are lags that have not yet returned home. Two quite big really. Enamor and Hulk.

Like the Jade giant, the rights of a solo film by Enamor are currently tied to Universal Pictures. This means that, like Hulk, Enamor can appear on a secondary role, but Marvel Studios will not be able to produce a solo movie. The conditions established by Universal Pictures have enraged Marvel fans who were desperate for a solo hulk in the UCM. The last time Bruce Banner and his alter ego obtained the top positions was in The Incredible Hulk of 2008.

It is a shame that the same restrictions are braking Enamor, who is considered an important player in Marvel Comics. If the same logic for Hulk applies to Enamor, then we are very likely to see Enamor appear in the next MCU events films, Avengers: The King Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. The positive side is that Marvel has a large extent creative freedom over Enamor, as confirmed by Wakanda Forever producer Nate Moore, in an interview with The Wrap:

There were really no things that we could not do from the character’s perspective for him, which is good because we clearly inspire ourselves in the material of origin, but we also made some important changes to really anchor him in that world in a truth in which The publication never landed, I would say, big.

Nate Moore through The Wrap

In recent years, there have been extensive rumors of a possible history of World War Hulk or Planet Hulk in the near future for the MCU. Although nothing official has been confirmed, the seeds of both stories were planted at the end of She-Hulk. If Marvel and Universal can reach an agreement to allow Hulk to be the center of attention once again, it is very likely that a solo Enamor is closer to being a reality.

That is all we know about whether Enamor will have his own film. Be sure to consult our extensive Black Panther guides: Wakanda Forever below.

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