Can you raise Pokemon Paradox in scarlet and purple? Answered

Raising Pokémon is your perfect ticket to build your creatures according to the statistics and nature you prefer, but not all are suitable for reproduction. This is what you need to know about whether you can raise Pokémon Paradox in scarlet and purple.

Explanation of the paradox in reproduction in scarlet and purple Pokémon

Paradox Pokémon is a new characteristic of Scarlet and Purple. While creatures in themselves seem prehistoric or futuristic ancestors of family creatures, they are totally unknown to the people of the Pale region.

Like the ultra beasts of the Lola region, you will remember that if you played Sol and Luna, the Paradox Pokémon belong to a unique conventional Pokémon classification in your Pokédex. As such, Pokémon Paradox cannot be used as reproduction partners and will not produce an egg while attending a Pokémon picnic.

The only way to get Paradox Pokémon is to advance to the last stages of the game when they are available to capture. The first opportunity you will have to capture one is during the final path, The Way Home. You can capture as many as you want in Zero Area, except Portion and Myrmidon, of which you can only have one and can only be achieved after finishing the main story.

It is also worth noting that several Paradox Pokémon are exclusive to Scarlet or Purple, so if you really want to catch them all, you will have to resort to the transfer, although, as we have pointed out in our guide dedicated to the transfer. It comes until next year.


Even so, for the Paradox Pokémon that you capture, remember that Mints allows you to train them according to the statistics you prefer, which is essentially the reproduction point in the first place. See the complete list of mints and where to find them.

All paradox Pokemon

Old Pokémon-(Scarlet)

  • Portion
  • Great fang
  • Grit tail
  • Gross hat
  • Slush hair
  • Sliding wing
  • Sand clashes

Future Pokémon-(Purple)

  • Myrmidon
  • Iron steps
  • Iron package
  • iron hands
  • Iron jugular
  • Iron moth
  • iron spines

That is all you need to know about whether you can raise Paradox in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Check out the rest of our content to get more useful issues of scarlet and purple Pokémon. We have a wide range of lists, information and game guides that can help you on your trip through the Pale region, such as where to find and catch Char cadet, how to automatically fight in the water, how to catch Iron Jugular and how the champion expires Greta

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