Analisis of Gunggrave G.O.R.E.


It cannot be said that Gulag rave is the most popular series in the world, and yet we are here: it is 2022 and the two deliveries of PlayStation 2 receive a new sequel, Grave G.O.R.E., developed by the Korean study Iggy under the supervision of Entertainment Network, responsible for the originals. This is not a triumphal return or a historical event; It is a balancing drawer game that continues an iconic series of balances.

If something can be highlighted by Grave G.O.R.E. It is the way in which its legacy referees, to the point of replicating with enormous discipline the gameplay and the structure of the PlayStation 2. It is a Papillary Action game because it wants, not because it does not get anything else; You advance by the levels eliminating everything that is put ahead, normally in large numbers, and following a gigantic yellow arrow that is responsible for not feeling lost a second. Sometimes it is necessary to point, but usually the self-appunic is sufficient; You can also use the gigantic metal COF Principle and crucial later, when enemies begin to have the bad mania to overcome you, and by much, in number.

It is a simple game, I say, a Metadata in which there is nothing to kill and kill; It is the same stylized arcade that was in PlayStation 2, in short, and even the appropriate enemies and strategies to face them are the same as in the two originals. Nothing to object to this Care and casual approach to the action game, although I believe that Grave G.O.R.E. You can put some, but that does not do well regardless of your intentions. The movement is too clumsy; The grace that looks like PlayStation 2 is fine until it ceases to be, and soon looks where there was a margin of improvement, where an additional movement could have helped give dynamism to the gameplay and even end up shaping the original idea of Grave, quite ambitious at the time and surely limited by hardware and resources. The ambition of the year 2002 is received differently twenty year later; If small bets are seen for refreshing to the game (unlockable skills, for example, seem designed to be achieved throughout several games; so in the first round you choose some things or others it has more weight, define more your possibilities), But Iggy clearly stumbles with the Game feel, too stubborn and inert: failure when transmitting the sense of style that undoubtedly seeks, and at the controls it gives a rigid sensation, with little impact, without a defined weight or that is directed to nowhere.

It is short enough to function as a nostalgic and mindless peck, and the truth is that it is not very common to see today games that hug with so much decision a formula and a structure as clearly past fashionable; Until the navigation through the menus it transports one to the PS2 years or even the first of PS3, to the border between the wild west of the 128 bits and the new world of standards and Quality of Life in which we live now. There is even an instance of English in posters and signs (Great World; Buy 3 Free 4) who seems daughter of another era. It is a game that arrives a little late, I imagine, now that we no longer have those balances of balances that the king could be; In 2022, Gun grave G.O.R.E. It is a small nostalgic Guilty pleasure for people looking for a light pecking in Game Pass, although I fear that it will not have it easy to end up becoming a cult game.


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