GTA Online: How to get the Vapid Flash GT car for free

Something that does not change every week in GTA online is to have to visit the Car Meet of LS, because in this place you can get a vehicle for free and take advantage of another series of special bonuses. On this occasion you can do with the Vapid Flash GT , so in the next guide we will explain how to add it to your collection.

How to get the vapid flash gt car for free

Being a member is indispensable to participate in the weekly challenge of the prize vehicle. Best of all, during these days the subscription fee will be available for free, so take advantage of the offer that will remain available until September 28.

As for the challenge in which you will have to demonstrate how fast you are behind the wheel, it will be touched to participate in the persecution series . If you achieve police and traffic that comes from the front and stay in the three tops for three days in a row , then you will receive free the keys of the Vapid Flash GT.

In addition to all of the above, on the test track you will have at your disposal the Karin Auto GTX, the Obey Tailgater S and the Vapid GB200 to be tested for free. And there is no everything left, because participating in any race will deliver the triple of reputation points and twice the rewards if they are countertenor races.

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