How to get the soul of the island of azure wind in Lost Ark?

Collection of island shower in Lost ark is a great way to get unique awards. They need to be collected about 100, and every five will give you an item that can vary from a unique emotion or means of transportation to the collection segment of a masterpiece or a secret card. These island souls are sometimes simple and obvious to acquire. But others, such as the island of the azure wind, are much more complicated. So, how to get the soul of the island of the azure wind in Lost ARK?

Where is the lost ark of the soul of the island of the Azure Wind?

Firstly, you should follow the Azure Wind quest chain, which begins with dying horse . This gives a sonar near the place where you arrive at the island. When you go along the island, you will definitely notice that small toy horses are scattered around it, some are very small, others are a little more. After several quests, you will perform one called meadow fairy. After that, the small horses will flash and become active. You must activate all 31 of them and their larger versions to get the soul of the island of the azure wind.

We noted the smaller ones in circles on the map above, and large triangles. Before starting, check the section of songs and emotions below. To provide you have everything you need to perform a quest.

ENTERAL TASKS: Small horses

You can perform them in any order, but you must do everything to progress -and there is no indicator that it is a quest or how much you have completed. The tinkling sound effect will begin when you approach the horse, large or small. Remember that despite the fact that the sound is also activated next to large horses, you cannot perform larger tasks on the horse until (see below).

Having completed about half the quests, You will see the quest icon in the center of the card where the fabulous NPC Aron is standing. She simply tells you how well you cope, and urges you to complete the task (the quest is called Return of flowers ).

red circles: high-speed tests

To do this, you must get from the place marked on the map to the nearest place in for a very short time . Fortunately, on this island you can use riding animals, which should simplify these tasks, especially since you can sit on them before clicking accept in the quest. Please note that some of these tests have several stops before their completion.

Yellow circles: riddles

When you activate these horses, NPC will appear and set you a riddle. We will not spoil them by giving you answers, but do not worry, you may be wrong several times, and this will not affect the outcome of the test.

Green Circles: Puzzles

Once again, we will not spoil them, but these are very simple puzzles for a comparison with the sample. And again, if you are mistaken, it will mean that you will have to try again. You will not be fined at all.

Blue Circles: Emotions and Songs

A pair of NPC will appear for them along with a performance circle. Just stand in a circle and perform the right emotion or song:

  1. Song : Melody of Heart
  2. Song : Song of valor
  3. Emotion : swing
  4. Emotion : laugh or giggle
  5. Emotion : welcome
  6. Song : Heavenly Harmony
  7. Song : Serenade of love (final-see below)

final tasks: Big horses

When you performed all small riddles about horses, puzzles or tasks with emotions/songs , the task with a big horse for this type of tests will become available. The final speed (red triangle) will become affordable when you complete all tasks with small horses and other tasks with large horses. This will lead you all over the island, but still relatively easy to do when you are riding. When this is done, the quest chain will again become more obvious, and you can get the soul of the island of the azure wind from Aron by fulfilling its quest buried in colors .

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