Wagner cheers with: Haching surprised Bavaria

Also the eleven of coach Sandro Wagner just became hazardous after around half an hour, yet Mashigo was disturbed in the five-meter room at the important minute (26th). Out of frustration, the mentally as well as loud Wagner threw the hat to the ground.

From the start, the guests gave the speed in the Hachinger Sportpark, came via Zvonarek and Ranos beforehand the initial opportunities and needed to take the lead after a quarter of an hour, Copado failed with his self-made charge to goalkeeper Vollath (15th). Simply a couple of seconds later on, the residence side captured a counterattack after their very own corner, in which Ranos from his own fifty percent from his own objective to the opposing goal and also badly passed right (16th).

This altered little to the superiority of the Munich group, they presented themselves dynamic and faster in nearly every activity, specifically the hectic captain Vidovic. The recovered central defender Tikvic served the incentive, the keeper Vollath from about 25 meters with a substantial shot in the angle on the wrong foot (47. ).

An almost perfect derby day for FC Bayern. After the U 19 had plainly won the city duel around 1860 with 4: 1, the U 23 only involved a 1-1 at the previous league leader Unterhaching in the mid-day.

Haching returns highly

The shock just digested underhaching eventually, but returned strongly in the final phase. Opponent Fetsch and Mashigo awarded the very first fragile efforts, it was really hazardous for Bavaria’s goalkeeper Schenk just in the 83rd minute when he conserved greatly versus boots. Schenk still had to get behind since the substitute Ability Krattenmacher served as an excellent for Fetsch, who matched in front of the goal (84th). Wagner followed the jubilee in the direction of the edge flag and afterwards urged the audience to accelerate again-but remained with the department of factors.

The new league leader is now promoted DJK Vilzing after a 2-1 versus Aubstadt.

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