Night Online, the 20th anniversary, will be held for one month

On the 5th, Mgame announced that its MMORPG ‘Night Online’ will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the service until August 2.

Night Online is a traditional MMORPG that has been in full form in July 2002, and is characterized by large-scale battles that are thrilling between countries. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary, El-Lasaga, which was strengthened in Rona Crand, appeared every eight hours in the center of the pioneer, providing a chewy war. Killing this can lead to blessings of experience and sculptures of greed.

During the same period, the Magpie Mom NPC creates a 20th anniversary gift that is provided once per account. In the front yard of Mora, you can meet the Science Blessed Plants. Killing this monster can acquire Banana Sweet Potatoes and Apple Tomatoes, and you can collect 10 orange flavored onions and deliver them to Magpie Mom NPC to get magic hammer, accent scroll, and wings of wings.

If you kill the same monster than the user, you can take the light of the sun to Julien, a VIP manager, to exchange them with a variety of items such as magic bags, sun tattoos, and solar rings. The light item of the sun can also be used as a buff of 4 increases for 30 minutes.

In addition, the 1+1 level up effect is applied up to level 79, and the account creation date connected to the 20th birthday, one year (Beginner), 5th year (adherence), 10 years (climax) The title of the achievement of the 15th year (Zone) and the 20th year (peak) is given.


The 20th Anniversary Payment Event will receive a night online figure, the Dark Knight equipment box, and the mouse. After April, the 2002 subscription account will be given a lot of gold, figures, and moon tattoos, and a variety of items will be given to the 2003-2007 subscription account.

Choi Byung-hun, director of the Night Online Development Office, said, Thank you very much to the users who have loved and loved the night online for 20 years.

For more information on the 20th Anniversary Event of Night Online, please visit the official website.

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