All Dislyte surprise exam responses

If you are looking for a ** complete list of responses to the Dislyte Pop Pop event, which is happening at this time, we have it covered in that front.

The Pop Pop is a mini-questionnaire event that has just been released live in the game, and is intended to generate a bit in advance for Zora and the next update of Bloody Hunt. Here there are also some rewards to catch, so it is definitely worth doing.

Dislyte Espe Pop Ti Answers

At the time of writing this article, only one question has been published in Dislyte. A total of three questions (one every two days) will be published, so you have a lot of time to participate in the event and get your answers.

We will update this article accordingly with all the questions and answers as they are published, so be sure to consult it periodically.

Day 1

Question: In mythical stories, is Amunet closer to which of the following gods?
Answer: Amun.

Surprise test rewards

The good news is that even if you get an incorrect answer, you will still receive a good compensation reward. We will update the complete list of rewards as all the questions are published, but for now, you can check the rewards of day 1 below:

Question Correct answer Wrong answer
1 Gold Disco X1 Nexus X100 crystals

When does the surprise exam end?


The Esper Pop event may extend until July 12, which is when we will probably see the launch of the Zora and The Bloody Hunt update. As mentioned above, players will have two days to answer each question, so it is enough time to get their rewards before it ends.

To answer each question, it is necessary to have met at least two of the following requirements:

Spend 200 resistance *
You have overcome the miracle of the cube.
Completed a reward

That is done by our Dislyte Pop Response Guide maybe . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.

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