Sims 4 years secondary school: a brand-new extension pack to go back to adolescence, the trailer

For this extension pack in high school years, we find out that Maxis designers have teamed up with Depop, a circular style application, with which it is possible to find one-of-a-kind development items, such as clothing created by Real vendors on Depop like Jeremy Salazar, Sha’an d’Antes, Lapoze McTribouy, Selena Williams as well as Bella McFadden. The Expansion Pack Les Sims 4 years Lycée is anticipated for July 28 on Computer, Mac, PS5, Xbox Series, PS5 and also Xbox One for EUR 39.99. Yeah, it hurts.


While one still questions why Maxis as well as Electronic Arts have still not announced the Sims 5, the arrival of a new extension pack proves that the fourth episode is far from having claimed its last word. In the senior high school years, it is the guarantee of a go back to institution benches, in teenage years with all that it implies, specifically the exploration of self, the look for your identification, your sexual orientation, However additionally all the little inconveniences that stress this period so essential in the construction of his character. The concept behind this unprecedented pack is specifically to juggle in between school as well as extra-curricular events, to make buddies forever and to live fantastic minutes like the end-of-year promotion round. Of course, fashion will certainly have an essential part in the game, just to radiate with good friends and also in society.

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