DEAD CELLS new update BREAKING BARRIERS distribution -Significant improvement in accessibility, items, etc.

Motion Twin has updated the Metroidvania action Dead Cells Breaking Barriers .


This update adds accessibility options and assist mode for people with disabilities and reworks items. According to the development, the purpose is to make this update an intended game experience that development intends to be intended for players who cannot play this work or play.

With the new options, in addition to adjusting the movement input, you can set the UI details and add color filters. The assist mode can be played with Multiple Lives, which can be revived from the beginning of the biome and automatically targeting nearby enemies, and adjusts trap damage. I am.

In addition, seven new weapons have been reworked, and the cost of the game has been reduced, and new weapons can be unlocked faster. See the patch notebook for details.

DEAD CELLS is distributed for PC (Steam/ One/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

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