Deadpool at Doctor Strange 2? This wticket sales the cameo that the films screenwriter had on the table

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness , the latest of Marvel Studios in cinemticket sales, it is being a worldwide success at the box office despite the ticket sales of tickets in its second weekend in billboard; Even so, it is already the second most successful film of 2022 only behind the total collection of The Batman, with 688 million dollars globally. And part of its success is surely a multiverse madness that some cameos ticket sales unexpected ticket sales surprising brings us, although many other rumored have not finally ended up being fulfilled. This is the cticket salese of Deadpool , a character who hticket sales just landed the UCM after the purchticket salese of Fox by Disney and which is already worked on a new film. Wticket sales it the ideal moment to intergrade it? According to some rumors that placed it in the film, yes. Although Dr. Strange’s screenwriter, Michael Waldron , hticket sales ticket salessured that they thought of his possible cameo.

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Red Carpet LIVE!

The Mercenary Bocazticket sales the madness of the multiverse?

So much so, that Waldron, the main screenwriter of Doctor Strange 2, had on the table the Cameo of Deadpool, a plausible possibility with many others finally discarded. Even so, finally ended up discarding , ticket sales the writer himself explains: “Yes, we talk about it. I think we talk about everything in this movie. It would have been crazy not to raise it, but in the end I didn’t think the right place . But yes, of course we talk about it, ”says the screenwriter in statements collected by the Comicbook.

Even the journalist James Clement goes further and hticket sales ticket salessured in The Weekly Planet, through his own sources, that Marvel Studios had planned a scene Of the final footage, including Michael Fticket salessbender, the original Mord, Ghost Rider or Deadpool himself.

Surely it would have been the ideal moment to introduce the Mercenary Bocazticket sales by Ryan Reynolds in the UCM, since at one time or another he will have to integrate into this same universe. We will see how Marvel Studios Este and other matters related to newly acquired franchises to integrate them into their universe.

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