Favorite check: Who has the best chances?

Week 1 of the NBA playoffs is history and the first games of the Post-Season already hold what they promised. For a long time, the race for the title did not seem as balanced as this season. There is no longer a house -high favorite such as the Warriors with Kevin Durant. We see which teams are most likely to have the chance of the title. Here is our power ranking after the first playoff week.

are the suns “for real”?

The Phoenix Suns put one of the best regular seasons in franchise history. And last year for Chris Paul and Co. it went to the finals. But despite the outstanding regular season, with the best values and offensive and defensive as well as the best record of all teams, the Suns are often further underestimated. The Suns have proven that they have hardly any weaknesses, but they still have to prove whether they can keep up against the strong teams from the east in the finals. However, they won three out of four of the four regular games against the top-iters teams Bucks and Nets.

Who stops Kyrie and KD?

The regular season of the Brooklyn Nets was anything but round. Actually, the longed -for title should finally be targeted with the Big Three from Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden. However, injuries and disagreements in the team accompanied the franchise throughout the season. A blockbuster trade around James Harden and Ben Simmons as well as two play-in games later, the Nets are now against the second-placed Celtics in the first round. If Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant can confirm their shape from the play-in, the Nets does not need to hide from any team. With its superstars, the franchise is of course among the draft horses of the NBA. Betway shows that the NTS not only plays at the top, but also from a marketing point of view. With their “Netaverse”, for example, the Nets is the first team to enter the virtual reality in metavers.

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can the Warriors attack again?

After years of dominance and a subsequent “off-Year”, the Golden State Warriors have impressively reported back this season. For the first time in a good two years, the former Big Three from Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green can act together again. They are supported by young talents such as Jordan Poole or James Wiseman. After the Warriors ran in second place in the Regular Season, the first round of playoff is against the Denver Nuggets. However, most experts are sure that the Warriors have a good chance of the conference final. And who knows, maybe even more.

Do the Bucks create the repeat?

Last year Giannis Antetokounmpo led his Milwaukee Bucks to the long-awaited NBA title. The Greek, which is performing at MVP level again this season, hardly seems to stop. Even if the goose in the regular season took a little calmer, you have to expect the defending champion. Round 1 is against the Chicago Bulls. Most observers are sure that the goats shouldn’t get any major problems here. It becomes interesting, of course, if it should go against the Nets or Celtics. The conference finals against the NETS from last season in particular would have earned a new edition.


We are definitely looking forward to exciting playoffs without a sole top favorite.

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