Fortnite: Assassins

From the Ubisoft game series Assassin’s Creed will soon be available outfits for Ezio Auditore and Vorvor VarinsSdottir in Fortnite.

These are the contents of the two packages:

Ezio auditore package

  • Outfit “Ezio Auditore”
  • Pickaxe “Ezios hidden blade”
  • Emote “Attottens Buck” (integrated in Ezios outfit)

Evor VarinsSdottirs package

  • Outfit “egg Vor varinSdottirs” (including alternative style “with hood”
  • Back Accessory “Egg’s Shield”
  • Raven clan cocktakes “(including alternative style” EIVERS AXTS “)
  • Hanging ladder “Wolfsma’s long ship”
  • Emote “Viking War Shout” (integrated in egg back accessory and pickaxe)

I Recreated the ASSASSINS CREED Trailer in Fortnite…

In addition, the Story Off-Animus Package is offered. It contains the contents of both packages and as a bonus nor these items:

  • Spray motif “Wolfsmal”
  • Charging screen “EIVERS RAGE”
  • Emoticon “Ravenclan”
  • Banner “Stories from the Animus”

All three packages are available from April 8 (02:00 CET) in the Item shop of Fortnite at a previously unknown price.

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