Nikola Jokic scores triple

The reigning MVP Nikola Jokic shows against the New Orleans Pelicans, why he has good opportunities for the award to the most valuable player of the NBA in this season.

Nikola Jokic TAKES OVER Late, Drops 46 Pts, 12 Rebs x 11 Asts vs Pelicans ???? | March 6, 2022 |

Such a stat-line has not seen the NBA world yet since the 1973/74 steals and blocks are included in the boxscore: 46 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals, 4 blocks. Nikola Jokic led Denver Nuggets to 138: 130 success after renewal about the New Orleans Pelicans. MVP Nikola US Manager booked Jokic 73.5 fantasy points.

Jokic met 16 of his 22 throws from the field. According to Wilt Chamberlain, the Center from Serbia is the first second player of the NBA history, which has achieved a triple-double velvet 45 points and 70 percent throw quota.

“It’s just a spectacle to watch him,” Aaron Gordon turned out. “He has taken over”. How true: because Jokic scored 30 points in the fourth quarter and in the extension! In the last three minutes of the fourth neighborhood, 15 of the 17 counter denvers went to his account, so that the reigning MVP almost equalized an eleven points backside. At three seconds on the clock he met two free throws to force the extension.

There he met at 90 seconds to play an important threesome to the 134: 130: Jokic was first recorded in the post office, pasped out after doubly, kicked himself behind the triple line and made for the clutch threesome. With a 9: 0 run, the nuggets ended the game.

Brandon Ingram (38 PKT, 9 AST) and C.J. McCollum (24 PKT, 9 AST). After the trade for McCollum, the Pelicans are last always better, before the defeat in Denver, the team won four games in a row – including among others in Phoenix, the Lakers and against jazz. With a balance sheet of 27 wins and 37 defeats, the tithe-tenth place is currently the last place entitled for the play-in tournament – the elevenplace Portland Trail Blazers are only one and a half games behind it.

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