GENSHIN IMPACT: How to get FREE protogemas and other prizes with the Iridiscencia Fugaz event

Once again the time has come to participate in a new Genshin Impact event with the purpose of Get full kinds of rewards , including proteges, Morey, refinement mineral, hero wit and other series of articles. All this thanks to the festival that will take place in Life during the next few days.

In this way players can aim at Evidence Event Fugal , about which we are going to offer you all the details in the following guide we have prepared.

Date and schedules of the event Iridescence Fugal

It will be as of January 25 When the Iridescence Fugal event begins, which will remain active until next February 12, so you have a few days ahead to take advantage of everything it offers. As for the rewards, these can be exchanged until February 14.

To access it, it is necessary to first comply with a series of requirements, being the first of them having reached the range of adventure 28 or more . In turn, you have to have completed the arc hon mission Chapter I, Act III: a new star on ascent and the Mission of Arc hon Intermedia, Act I: The Crane returns with the wind.

How to get the rewards of the Iridescence Fugal event

A peculiarity of this event is that is divided into four different thematic , each of them with their own goals and rewards, so you will have a lot of work ahead so that nothing is escaped:

Celestial sparks

It is necessary to complete the missions of the event to receive the pyrotechnic tube that will serve you for manufacture fireworks and to carry out the manufacturing challenge. Depending on quality you will receive a certain score that will serve to receive the prizes of this challenge:

  • Fireworks
  • Hero wit
  • Mystic refinement mineral
  • Blackberry
  • Proteges
  • Talisman of fortune

Jade of the clouds

Here you will touch you Travel to the Yuyun Stone Forest and defeat all the enemies who live there to pick up the objects that have scattered. In certain places there will be breakwater invocation points, which will be necessary to navigate, complete the challenges on Alta mar and take all this:

  • Hero wit
  • Mystic refinement mineral
  • Blackberry
  • Proteges
  • Recipe: Fish of Abundance
  • Immaculate Talisman

Luminous shadows

For this third you must talk to Yuan Long in Life. The objective will be to adjust the angle of the shadow lanterns sections so that the combination of lights and shadows provoke the appearance of an image that resolves the puzzle. Thanks to this you will take these rewards:

  • Hero wit
  • Mystic refinement mineral
  • Blackberry
  • Proteges
  • Talisman of fortune

Defense of the ocean

For this last challenge you will touch you entertain you in the lair of a mysterious monster with which you will have to strive to the maximum to end it. In the event that you achieve it will take all this:

  • Hero wit
  • Blackberry
  • Proteges
  • Conquest Talisman

Finally, after completing the mission Good desires in the stars you can spend 1,000 talismans of fortune and another 1,000 talismans of conquest for recruit a four-star Life character to the choice of each one . Even so, you can also be exchanged by other items, such as improvement materials or wisdom crowns.

In addition, immaculate talismans will serve you to exchange them by different special decoration plans of the lantern rite , hence it is so important that you are not overlooking any mission to embark up a huge amount of prizes.

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