“Lets draw the picture of the game in AI” is in vogue. Using Wombos “Dream”, a little bit of gloss “It looks like a picture”

Final Fantasy XII is a role-playing video game created and also released by Square Enix. Final Dream XII also includes aspects from previous games in the collection, such as Chooses as well as Googles.
The game takes place in Iva lice, where the empires of Arcadia as well as Romania are waging a limitless war. During the battle, she satisfies Van, a young adventurer who dreams of ending up being a sky pirate in command of an aircraft.
Final Fantasy XII was both a crucial and business success, making a number of Game of the Year awards and also offering over six million duplicates on the PlayStation 2 by November 2009. In 2007, a sequel entitled Last Dream XII: Relevant Wings was launched for the Nintendo DS, and also the same year, an increased version of Last Fantasy XII, entitled Final Dream XII International Zodiac Task System, was released on the PlayStation 2 exclusively in Japan. A high-def remaster of the International Zodiac Work System variation, The Zodiac Age, was released for PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch Over, as well as Xbox One in 2017.

Currently, Drawing game illustrations in AI play seems to be prevalent. Based in Toronto, the AI ​​application company Combo released the image generation application Dream on December 13 last year. This application can create illustrations using artificial intelligence. Users can freely enter keywords Apple and TOWER that are subject to illustration. Then, artificial intelligence generates an image based on keywords. Abstract, even with keywords, like illustrations are drawn.

The application’s release itself is November 2021, but it began to spread in Japan last December to see it around January this year (Google Trends). The illustration drawn by AI does not necessarily draw the subject itself clearly. However, there is also an abstract image and there is no matter what the subject’s essence is broken, and the play enjoying illustrations like that vague concept is mainly spreading around SNS. Similar trends are also seen between gamers. So let’s look at the fan art of the many games drawn by AI here.

First, from Nintendo’s signboard character that is known to me. One user tried to depiction of four of Mario Loose Mario War page. From a distance, the red, green, yellow, purple and image color are reflected, respectively. However, when you look closely, it is good to have a person’s face. The fine face parts such as eyes and noses will not be good for AI. In particular, with regard to Mario, a meat-shaped meat-like mass is born, and stars anxiety. On the other hand, it is an interesting point that a part that seems to be a hat of each member is produced. Also, Luigi War page is expressed a profound contour, and it looks like a mustache. It seems that AI can demonstrate your ability for rough form.

Subsequently, an example of the Overseas bulletin board REDDIT user posted. Isn’t this a lot of people who understand the theme in puffs? It is metro id show. The orange humanoid drawn in the middle is quite finely reproduced SAMU’s Powered Suit. Although a slight discomfort is somewhat remained in the headed head, it is surprising that it is drawn to a single arm to arm cannon rush. The surrounding vessel background is also matching the view of the same work. The contributor has been described as H.R. R. Bigger’s work, and it may be such a thing if the master actually draws a fan art of Metro id.

The image below is also an image generated by keywords with the island of Zelda’s legendary dream from Reddit. Funny will be the twin-mindedness of the linked person’s shaping. Depending on how you catch as a face, it looks like the brave of the series traditional green cohesion, and it looks like the blue British clothes of Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild. It seems to be an example of an exquisite effect that has a bow of a bow, as you are working on a sword. Meanwhile, the buildings present in the background are slightly floating and is a mystery. It is not visible to the Geisha of Hiragana, but I do not know the meaning of AI.

UPDATE 2022/01/13 16:07】
Fixed the translation of Link’s Awakening.

The last is an example of the domestic Twitter user, Mr. Tofu. It is an art of Brad bone very finely drawn. A person who looks at the lower left will be a hunter. He looks like he is covered like a silk hat, and it matches the Victorian world view. It is also a sense that the hunter’s back fly from the back of the hunter. And it should be noted, it is the city of Jana drawn on the background. Although it guessed, Dream seems to be able to exert much power in buildings and landscape depictions than those. The default function of the app can also specify the Dark Fantasy filter. Combo Dream In the art world Brad bone is very popular, and image generation is attempted by various users.

Backgrounds that the app has such popularity will be randomness of the results. In this application, even if generated by the same keyword, different results can be obtained each time it attempts. When I also tested the legendary mercenary solid snake to AI, I produced three times, and I got different images. I feel that I’m getting better and more than my heart (?).

Furthermore, when creating an illustration in this work, it is possible to specify the taste of drawing such as etching wind and Salvador Dark style. Even with the same keyword, it is possible to obtain a completely different result by changing the theme. The following experiment results are from the left to the left, and Ukiyo-e-style Pikachu Shinsewave Pikachu Dark Fantasy Pikachu. It will be appreciated that it will be a completely different work on the same subject. Thus, image generation by Dream can result in various results by a person and by number of attempts. Speaking of game wind, it can be said that highly replayful. Each time you play different experiences can be obtained as a factor that makes this app to be triggered to here.

Various fan arts generated by AI. Depending on the way, it is afraid, and depending on the viewpoint, it is characterized by the tastes of the Felicity. Art generation will be good to try in your favorite game, as it can be done from this page or app (iOS / Android).

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