VfB coach Matarazzo exerts unused sharp criticism

The signs are not very spreading optimism. In the seven previous duels with Leipzig, the Stuttgart brought only one point and achieved only one goal. The CFB remained completely unsuccessful in the recent five games against RB. A negative series, which is only available from FC Bayern in the balance of Swabia. Everything pointless? Naves, Pelegrín Matarazzo says before the meeting on Saturday (15.30, live! At Stuttgart brought). He continues to believe in a chance of his team — but simultaneously puts his finger deep into the wound of the undecided in Fürth.

There are certain games in which we are inferior when it comes to the quality, says the Stuttgart Chef Trainer, whose team against the teams from the top table half has brought only five points. This applies, for example, against a counterparty such as Bavaria, against which the likelihood of gaining is smaller than against a table immobility. But we have already shown against Dortmund that we are competitive.

Their performance can not be accepted in our situation

The game at BVB was lost with 1: 2, satisfaction over the performance was still. After the 0: 0 of the past Saturday in Fürth it is the other way around. We were all happy with it, says Matarazzo, who recognized three different categories of players on the court.

One, who understood what it’s all about, and has called up their performance. Which applies, for example, to the hardworking Born Sosa.

One, who understood what it’s all about, but was not able to retrieve their performance. What NASA Kalajdzic or Chris may feel addressed to have sighted to navigate due to longer downtime.

And one whose performance can not be accepted in our situation. Their name does not want to make Matarazzo publicly.

Offered in Fürth three jokers

He did not exclusive this assessment, so the 44-year-old: also out of the team, the defects were clearly addressed. Which consequences of the head coach should draw from it is clear: Bank or tribune for those who obviously misjudge the situation that is now spoiled. Alternatives were given. I feel a different attitude in training from the players, who were last not on board, says Matarazzo, who is likely to grant a probation opportunity one or the other from this series.

Above all, the awards of Fürth: Over Baal, Alexis Ibid and Lilian Goff. All three have done well, even if Lilian has played short, says Matarazzo. Over has taken the same influence, Alexis prepared a score. They were intense and energetic on the way and have qualified for more playing time. I liked that.

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