For the first time without Schalke

The National Football Organization (NFL) begins at the weekend after the Labor Day. The Normal Season lasts 18 weeks in which each team will certainly provide 17 video games. Commonly, many games will certainly be hung on Sunday afternoons. However, I will be i. d. R. Recognized a game on Sunday evening and also one on Monday night (Monday Evening Football). On some match days additionally happen on Thursdays. In the last weeks of Routine Season (after the NCAA Football Normal Season is completed), the league makes the video game plan to ensure that one to two added games can be transferred to TV, usually on Saturday or Thursday finishes. Furthermore, Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions commonly carry a home video game of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Standard). Given that 2006, a 3rd ready Prime time will certainly be scheduled for each and every day.

After a turbulent last season and a well-deserved break for all teams, the LEC will start the new season on 15 January. Overall, ten teams arose against each other, the prize pool is 200,000 euros. Around 80,000 euros will go to the winner team.


In the past season, on the one hand Mad Lions for headlines has taken care of after they were able to win the LEC and then bothered in the quarterfinals of the World Championship.

Team BDS replaces FC Schalke 04 Esports

However, one of the biggest stories comes from Germany. For the first time since the EU LCS 2016, FC Schalke 04 will not participate in the LEC. The Gelsenkirchen sold their starting place for 26.5 million euros to the Swiss organization Team BDS.

These not only take the starting place of the scarce, but also several players: both Milan Ilia’s ‘Nuclear int’ Broken and the Support Dino ‘Limit’ dead have connected BDS and will be preserved the LEC. The Mad Lions are again title candidates and will try to repeat their success from last season. Among other things, they have strengthened with the German Milan Steven ‘RR’s.

Match day 1 in the LEC Riot Games

The group phase runs until March 6th. Then start after a break, on March 25 the KO phase. The final takes place on April 10th.

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