SPLITGATE celebrates huge success on the PS4 / PS5 and thanks Halo Infinite

Split gate appeared last year and promptly triggered a little hype. This was mainly because other arena shooters like Halo Infinite was still in themselves. Now the large multiplayer title of Microsoft is available, and you should think that split gate loses popularity. However, fortunately it was completely different — especially on PlayStation consoles.

split gate is also successful after the halo-launch

Since the free multiplayer from Halo Infinite appeared in November 2021, PlayStation fans seem to be artist from the genre. For the playlist numbers of Split gate have even risen since the release of the competitor — especially on the consoles on which there is no halo, so PS4 and PS5.

In a detailed interview over the first year of the game with The Loadout, Ian Proud, the co-founder of the Split gate studio, continued:

Halo Infinite vs Splitgate
I believe that Split gate and Halo Infinite will continue to help in the future. There are currently so much around Battle Royale games and [the two games] lead people to the Arena Shooter Genre. […] And make you aware of it is a good thing for the entire genre.

The numbers grow : His thesis is also reflected in the numbers. Because the interest in split gate and the genre in itself rises through the hype around Halo Infinite and on. Especially on PlayStation consoles, the shooter can enjoy great popularity.

How is it 2022 Next? For direct content Proud says nothing in the interview. However, the studio finally wants to finish the open beta. Actually, the full Launch was already planned for 2021.

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If you play on the Xbox, then of course you can also change directly to Halo Infinite. In addition to the multiplayer, Microsoft’s shooter also offers a campaign. In this you have to ask you as Master Chief against the Banished, a new group that threatens the whole universe. Why the campaign can convince despite their weaknesses, they read in the Game pro test.

Do you prefer split gate or halo for your daily dose multiplayer action?

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