Svensson scolds Was her Dortmund

Towards the end of his press conference, BO Venison himself still asked a question: Do not ask her after the penalty scene? The Mainz coach wanted to know about the media representatives. If your Dortmund reporter, you would definitely ask…

Especially the PSV had lost 1: 2 at FC Bayern after break guide, which Stefan Bell called Sky a typical Bayern victory, the really hurting. Specifically since the Mainz felt disadvantaged by the referee team.

Venison: I do not understand that
When a journalist Venison finally asked the desired question, it was brought to a clear penalty : in the 19th minute Jae-young Lee had come in the Munich penalty area after contact with Day Upamecano.

He could understand that referee Benjamin Corpus rated the scene in the game with the tempo as not crazy, Venison continued. But, that the Shirt does not look at that again, the Var does not interfere with, I do not understand that, the Dane screamed the Dortmund for the 1: 2 defeat against Bayern a week ago: It’s not a hard one Reviewing scene.

Ebi Smolarek’s “unhappy” hat-trick | History
Only because I was gone 70 meters, he did not complain in the game loudly. Would I have seen the repetition as the love of Shirt in the video room, it would have been hard for me to get out without a yellow card.

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