The Mix of Shooter and Futuristic Driving of Crime Cities can be downloaded for free on PC

The video game has not stopped reinventing at each stage of its history, and the entry of 3D graphics were a great step for the sector. Within this new dimension, we find inventions as curious as Crime Cities, a game of the year 2000 that proposes to cross cities in flying cars while fighting with laser beams and more weapons. If you have caught your attention this brief introduction, keep in mind that this game can now be download freely in GOG.

Crime Cities transports us to a futuristic city of the XXV century where the law and order have long been abandoned. The Human Federation decides to incriminate one of the best agents of it and condemns him to spend the rest of his life in a city-prison. There we will begin our adventures, because to make ourselves with freedom we will have to test all the array of arms and flying cars that the game offers us.

And we are not talking about a small selection of add-ons, since Crime Cities proposes us to advance in its more than 100 missions with 50 different cars, each with its own characteristics, and more than 20 types of weapons. In this way, we will escape the authorities along 4 cities that will leave us explore freely, as long as we survive the constant enemy attacks.

Crime Cities Playthrough - Part 1 - No Commentary

Crime Cities is presented as a game DRM (Digital Rights Management), which continues GOG’s initial activity after notifying millionaire losses in the last year. This opportunity is added to new Ubisoft gift, which allows you to download Anna 1404 free for limited time. But, if you are interested in other type of titles without paying an additional price, keep in mind that the 12 December Games of the Xbox Game Pass and the 6 deliveries of the PS Plus are already available.

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