Halo Infinite does not repeat campaign missions but not long

Although the campaign of Halo Infinite appear officially until today, although there are already some criticism from fans. After all, unlike it is in the series tradition, you can not be Halo Infinite the missions of the story campaign after quitting again repeat.

How long does the campaign and which missions drinstecken, we have summarized you in our overview:

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Missions repeat so far only by new save game

Is the story campaign once finished, you can not start using the menu once again the main missions of the game in Halo Infinite. Later in the game, the game will open a bit and lets you re-visit to missed Collectibles to bag, but the story missions can not be addressed again many places of the map. In addition, the maps of the first two missions are later no longer accessible — here thus could fall by the wayside, some not collected items. Microsoft says over polygon:

The Post Game allows you to explore the surrounding area on the option, but missions as the first two can be from the same Save not play again.

The problem can be solved though by her creating a new game, particularly elegant but that is of course not. Many fans criticize the lack of Mission menu to story sections to quickly and easily experience another time. Users Eviler writes on Twitter:

You should wait a year or two with the release, it reminds only permanently because developers have more time for games, rather than bring out half finished. We get no co-op campaign and no editor for the launch, although that always part of Halo was.

Others see things more relaxed. Users rhymenoceros15 says:

As virtually every open world. If you have completed a section, you can not play again, without restarting the whole campaign.

Cross, because they are stored in your account. They will be stored so in all four available Saves.

343 reacts and provides the function to

The development studio has already responded to the criticism and apparently planning to introduce an optional mission repeat after the launch. At least confirmed Creative Director Paul Crocker told The Verge:

We have announced an exact date, but this is something we are working on.

When can we therefore expect the fix is ​​not yet known that the function but will come, after all, is determined.

What is your opinion? Should have the function directly Infinite have to start?

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