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Even a defeat could allow Frankfurt, as long as the table-second Olympiads Piraeus does not win at Royal Antwerp. However, nobody wants to depend on foreign protecting assistance. Kevin Trap gives the march direction: We are in a very good starting position that we have worked hard. We want to crown with a victory and qualify for the secondary finals.

The goalkeeper is just like Fenerbahçe playmaker Most Oil already before its 30th use in the Europa League. In Alexander Walk (34 assignments) and Marko Marin (31), two German players ran more often than 30 times in this competition. Trap and Oil can first match Showman Mustafa (30) on Thursday evening.

Trap warns, with the idea to go into play that a point is enough, because then you always run the risk of making a step less. It is also aware of this Glaser. We do not sit with the crimping slide in the plane, notes the coach and announces: We will not be waiting and saying that a point ranges us, but clearly play on victory.

Vom Glauben | О вере. Paul Fischer

Valencia or huge?

Personnel will have to make the 47-year-old at least a change after last four times in a row had sent the same eleven on the field. Jesper Windstorm does not fly to Turkey, as he has a bit of problems with his thigh. However, I think it should fit again until the game against Leverkusen on Sunday. We do not want to take a risk, explains Glaser.

As he will react to the failure of the pillar Danes, he does not reveal. Convergeable would be converted from 3-4-3 to a 3-5-2 with Gonzalo Valencia as the second top next to the set Rafael Bore and Dacha Ramada behind it on the ten. On this variant, the coach had ever successfully set the 3-1 home win against Olympiads Piraeus. With two interesting hits against Antwerp and Cofferdam, Valencia was most recently operated as Joker’s self-promotion and recommended for use from the beginning. However, Glaser could also hold on 3-4-3 and give Jens Better Have a chance after a long time.

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