Animal Crossing Fan shows Cool Dragon Ball

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not only a life simulation, but also a playground for creative designers. It is particularly exciting when themes are presented to theme garlands for which fans are inspired by certain places or other franchises. The latter is the case with the Eland of Redditor Drama. The island of the fan is packed with cool details reminiscent of Dragon Ball. We’ll tell you more about it.

Fan builds Dragon Ball Island

It’s about it: Animal Crossing fans like to ratify themselves in the design of their islands and are often looking for a concrete inspiration. Especially nice a Reddit user has documented its own design decisions. User Drama has created numerous angles that were inspired by Dragon Ball and shows the templates in a video. The fan commented on the simplicity with:

A pair of Dragon Ball inspired places on my island.

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Dragon Ball island in the video: The video of DRAB AZ not only presents the design highlights on the island of the fan, but brings these with the appropriate scenes from the anime. So we can understand exactly what is displayed.

So the video starts with a cutout where Roku measures with Krill in in the ditch. This scene is dedicated to a still image on the island embedded in the ground. Thereafter, the character of the fan continues around and shows individual locations, always after the appropriate template. A special highlight is the Martial Arts Arena, which the fan has surprisingly readjusted.

Here you find a list of features from Update 2.0, which you may have not yet discovered:

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Animal Crossing invites you to creative designs: Not for the first time, we report on an island, which is of particular ideas of the builder of the builder or builder, for example, we have already introduced you an eland, which was inspired by Disneyland or the scary Designs of a manga fans setting optical illusions. The community surprises and enthuses again and again with new cool ideas.

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How do you like the Dragon Ball Island, and what is the best design that you have ever seen?

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