Lol Yone s mysterious interaction in the PBE with which Riot could prepare a great advertisement

League of Legends You could receive a great advertisement over the next few weeks. At least, that is the conclusion of many members of the community after discovering one of the latest interactions that the developer has created for One and that is temporarily only available in the BE. A new exclusive animation reproduced when the champion gets a entails that leaves him blocked, restarting his cooling and giving him a dye even more epic to the multiple down.

The most mysterious interaction of League of Legends

New CRAZY Penta Kill Interaction on PBE?! Yone Secret Teaser?
The obvious situation after seeing the animation is that neither by some could fit into the design philosophy of Riot Games. As much as we have eliminated all the rivals, there are many contexts in which this animation (which blocks the use of the champion) could play bad pastors to users. In this way, The conclusion of many players is that this interaction must be some kind of advancement of a future novelty in which it could fit a blockage of this type.

In the ability of the players, the creator of content that has discovered this new interaction has had to publish some evidence that it was not an edited fragment and that really what we see in the video is what happens when we got a entails with One in the BE. A unique interaction in League of Legends that has made many players begin to speculate with which it could be the reason behind the novelty. HAST now, none of the small rewards to the entails available in Skins had any impact on the game.

Unfortunately, there are still no additional details regarding what novelty of League of Legends, this animation could do allusion. Riot Games has a few surprises saved for the launch of League of Legends 12 season, and it could well be a temporary wink to a new champion or presenting one of the new game modes that have been preparing along the last months.

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