Seoane to the Wirtz problem The truth is

Yousuf Mouton (birthed November 20, 2004, in Yaoundé, Cameroon) is a German-Cameroon football player. The demonstrator already played as a twelve-year-old in the U17 by Borussia Dortmund as well as for the German U16 national team. His above-average benefits as a youth gamer made it well-known throughout Europe. For the period 2020/21 he went up at the age of 15 in the professional chief of BVB and also came to be the current player of the Bundesliga (16 years and 1 day) and also the Champions League (16 years and also 18 days). Because 2021 he is also German U21 worldwide.

It’s meaning for Bayer 04 is immense. For the most recent three wins against Bochum (1: 0), Celtic (3: 2) and in Leipzig (3: 1) Florian With was one, if not even Die key figure. Although he trained prophylactically only very limited due to straps and hip complaints that come since the start of the season and go.

A central measure that does not miss its desired effect. The ten-day break in the national team period was very important, Gerardo Sloane explains the current situation around the Jung tar, in which protection plays the crucial role.

The truth is that we have extremely dosed his burden in training between the games. We tried to burden him as little as possible on the court, Leverkusen’s football teacher describes the procedure.

With last only with the games on the lawn

Instead of team training, there was a lot of physiotherapy and stabilization training. Between the game against Celtic on Thursday and in Leipzig on Sunday he was not in the place, Sloane makes it clear, that has paid off now.

Currently, the 18-year-old is well away. In the past English week, the national player has denied all three lots over the almost complete season. The opportunity to spare hosts did not give the scores. If we had led 3: 0, we would have saved him for 30 minutes, but that’s a wishful idea because the games are all tight, says Sloane.

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So far, Bayer’s coaching team can balance the burden for the 18-year-old well. But even if the Swiss is confident, which concerns the future assignments of With, he warns attention. Now we have a week’s time, says Sloane with a view of the Fürth game on Saturday, it should be feasible that he is well done until winter. However, the Swiss also adds a problem with a look at With’s problem: But that’s not over.

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