Smile Gate Cheonggang Cranucle Stove Indie Online Event

[INTERNATIONAL Gate Stoves (Representative Han Young Won) announced on the 24th that the ‘Chongqing Canal Circle X Stove Indie’ online events supporting ‘Chongqing Canal Circle 2021’. Chongqing CRASIC Cloak 2021 is an online work exhibition of the school graduates of the Cultural Industry (College of Engineering),

The event is that Stove Indie supported the last year, the largest event of the Cultural Industry, College of Game Content School, which has been supported, announced and evaluated by students who are active in the studio for one year in the studio.

This year, the game will be released in 11 species, and the play version will be released in the 30th Stove Indie. In addition, Chongqing Chronicle offline demonstration events will be held in Pang yo and will be held for the first day of next month.

The Smile Gate Stove will continue to have events such as live interviews, sorting missions, and special guts presentation, and special guts presenting during the event for game culture, enjoying the game culture with users. Also, considering the number of downloads of users, recommended users, reviews, reviews, and more, select excellent games.

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The Smile Gate operates several programs to be achieved for a healthy growth in the domestic game development environment, and the preliminary game creators will be helpful to continue and grow creative activities. Collaboration with the greatest preliminary creators’ precious works are introduced to more users and hope to be able to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, Smile Gate Stove supports a variety of creators and creative groups aimed at the Indie Game Platform, which game creators and users are coming together.

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