Dead Cells The Indie title of Motion Twin gets heap crossover

This article offers the listing of Metroidvania games classified in sequential order. The date showed is that of the first leave, geographical areas and also versions. The noteworthy series are Metro id, Castlemaine, Dragon Killer, Santa or Wonder Kid.

Dead Cells: Everyone is Here! Gameplay Trailer
The Indie-Action Roguelike Dead Cells developed by Motion Twin (from 10.19 € buy) gets a big update, with which half a dozen other indie-beads move into the rogue-lite world: Blasphemous, Soul: The Hero Slayer, Hyper Light Drifter, Guacamole, Curse of the Dead Gods and Hollow Knight.

From each of these titles, new weapons, skills and skins are available in Dead Cells, which should be familiar to players of indie titles. From Hollow Knight you get e.g. donated the nail as a weapon, while with the contents of Hyper Light Drifter Laser weapons celebrate premiere.

Incidentally, the Update-Patnotes also contain the following information of the developers to the localities of the new content, in addition to the balancing and quality of live changes: In exploring the prison quarters, maybe some new, unusual rooms fall on, not here believe. Maybe they came across from another dimension? The legend says that finding and exploring these rooms will bring you fame and strength! And also new tools you can add to your arsenal. We also have heard that somewhere in The prison area has surfaced a strange, mysterious book that may be full of hints. The sayings in it are quite cryptic and incomprehensible…
Dead Cells is available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The test on Cells developed you can read here.

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