Nintendo joins Xbox and Sony and considers anguished and disturbing cases of harassment in Activision Blizzard

The cases of harassment at Activision Blizzard and the involvement of its president, Bobby Kick, are removing the video game industry from bottom to top. A week ago, from PlayStation they were worried, and a couple of days later came to light that Xbox was revaluing his relationship with the company. Therefore, it was missing Nintendo for pronunciation, and has already done so.

Through an email sent to workers and collected by Fan byte, Dog Bowler, president of Nintendo America, has referred to cases of harassment, sexual abuse and discrimination that are splashing Activision Blizzard, considering them directly Augustus and disturbing.

It goes against the beliefs, values ​​and policies of Nintendo Doug Bowler As you, I have been following the latest information about Activision Blizzard and the continuous cases of sexual harassment and toxicity in the company, Bowler begins. I find all this anguished and disturbing. It goes against my values ​​, as well as the Nintendo beliefs, values ​​and policies.

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The message continues with the President explaining that he is committed to having an open and inclusive workplace, where everyone is welcome, and expects the same as the industry and partners of it. He also comments that Nintendo representatives have contacted Activision for Take measures, but it is not clear at what kind of performances.

Companies must create an environment where they are all respected Doug Bowler mentions, yes, to that, an organization that are both Nintendo and Activision, and assures that it has been working since week Pass to strengthen joint postures on harassment and abuse in workplaces. The members of the organization should maintain a higher level, according to Bowler.

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All companies must create an environment in which they are all respected and treated as equals, and where everyone takes into account the consequences of not fulfilling it, has sentenced by the president of Nintendo America.

Waiting to know greater consequences, the Bobby Kick will assess leaving if the crisis lengthens too much at Activision Blizzard. Recall that not only are there appeals from criticism or shareholders themselves, but there are already hundreds of employees who have signed demanding the resignation of the Executive Director.

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