Pok mon Bright Diamond and Bright Pearl Shaymin Fault Guide

Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl And now there are many legendary Pokémon to catch. Like the original DS games of 2008, there are some Pokémon who are blocked behind events such as Dark and Areas. Interestingly, there is a technical problem that has been found to access Shay min without the required Oaks Letter event element. In this poor shiny diamond and glossy pearl Shay mins failure guide, we will cover how to activate this failure.

To access this fault, you must have defeated the Elite Four and have completed Singh DEX. Once the SINPO DEX has been completed, talk to Professor Rowan to get the National DEX. Next, we must go to Route 224. If you have already reached Route 224, you must also make sure you have not fought against Blackwell on the beach yet. If you already fought with this coach, then it will not be possible to complete this error.

How to get to Route 224?

You need to get the National DEX, so be sure to complete your Pokédex for Singh and go see Rowan.

  1. Fly until the end of Victory Road, where Elite 4 is, and returns to Victory Road.
  2. Travel down until you cross a bridge and go down by a Rock Climb area.
  3. Travel to the left and up to get to a veteran trainer (white shirt and red trousers) and up the stairs to your left.
  4. Go to the right crossing the bridge and around the hill towards the opening of a cave.
  5. Follow the road until you are with Marley and be in the fog, use dating.
  6. The road here is quite simple and with Marley, you will have Marley Ar canine helping you and Marley will cure you after each battle.

How to configure the glitch on Route 224?

How To GET SHAYMIN with the SURF GLITCH in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Once you reach Route 224, walk north and then east, and you will find a Blackwell walking on the sand. Do not fight with this coach, it is crucial for the error to happen.

Open path beyond the Blackwell and fight against the following trainers ahead of it:

Ruin Maniac Larry (to the left of the road)
ACE Trainer Jamie (behind the tree on the right)
Dragon Tamer Hayden (La Roulette on the First North Platform)

After you have defeated those three coaches, come back to the left side of Blackwell.

How to activate the Pokémon Bright diamond and brilliant pearl Shay min Glitch?

To activate the fault, you must begin the battle with the itinerant black belt at the same time that you interact with the water south of it. Make sure you save your game before attempting this part of the error, so you can try it several times. Walk to the red dial, facing the water, and wait for the coach to walk south. You will want to press to so that the surf text appears at the same time that he sees it. The Blackwell will not detect it as soon as he turns to the south, then he will walk two more blocks to you before the exclamation mark on his head appears.

If the text appears before battle, it was too soon.
If the battle ends and the text does not appear, then you arrived too late, recharge your save.

This is definitely the most difficult part of the failure, it took me at least 15 restarts before the text appeared correctly.

Once you are surfing through the sky, continue to the right and then pass those three coaches until you reach the platform with the dragon tamer. The next part of the process will require you to place your character specifically, then save the game and then restart the game to adjust at what level are you floating:

  1. He advances and enters the great staircase to your north. You will want to be located in the upper left corner of the big stairs beyond the dragon tamer.
  2. Once you are there, save your game and reload, and you will be a layer above (you will know that it has done this correctly if you can pee the head on the stairs as in the middle image below).
  3. Place your head so that it is half off the ladder and saves and reload the game once again.
  4. Your character should now be at the top level and floating on the ground as seen below in the right panel.

Once you and your liberal are floating well above the ground, follow the path below around the trees and rocks. It can be a bit difficult to cross the tree line, the position it points is between the top and the second tree and should be able to slip through it. Once you reach the area marked with the red X, it will jump from your Pokémon, and now you will walk on the water.

Once you are in the water, go to the north and then to the east, where you will collide with an invisible wall. Press A and you will be asked to navigate, you will get a notice that you are in Sun break Path. Go to the east until your crash against another invisible wall, then head to the south until you can go back to the east (you will receive a notification that you are back on Route 224) and then go to the north again until you are walking on Water.

From here, the failure is easy, simply continue running north. You will end up running for 30-40 seconds, less time if you have your bike, and eventually you will find yourself at the barrier between Route 244 and the flower paradise, usually only accessible to you once you have the event item. Letter from Oak.

From here go to the grove, and you will find Shay min ready for battle. He has level 30, so he will be below him in comparison with your team, he brings something that makes a small chip damage or simply throws ultraballs until it traps it. If you check the map of your city after arriving at the paradise of the flowers, you will see that it has been updated with the path you took, another thing that normally only happens after the event has been activated.

How do I get the For de Gracidea?

With Shay min in your group, go to Teratoma Town and talk to the woman who is facing the Pokémon center. She will recognize your Shay min, and she will give you the Gracie flower that will transform your shay min into the shape of Sky mins sky.

With this, you should now have the Pokémon Shay min event without the need. This error works in version 1.1.0 of Pokémon bright diamond and glossy pearl, but we can not confirm that this flying swimming problem will not be solved. If so, you should wait until Shay min is available through normal means. When the event is available, there is also no way to know how Shay mins capture will work, it is likely that the road will be clarified, but Shay min will not appear.

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