Zelda Breath of the wild fans laugh about Hyruless largest unlucky

On his journey through Rule, link struggles through countless Goblins, Goblins and other monsters. A fan now shares Reddit the video of a particularly dangerous opponent, which has a awful day.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild — Fan makes opponents to the laughing number

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A fan proves that it can be worthwhile in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sometimes, just keep a calm head to keep nothing. The Reddit User GoodcatlosCacagain shares the video as he puts himself with this tactic one of the numerous tests in the shrines.

There, a mini version of the spider-like guard awaits him, which is armed with sword and shield instead of a death laser. However, with the left Stoic tranquility, the combat machine seems to be overwhelmed, which is why she shoots her own laser lock fire immediately in front of the feet of the hero without harming him. Also in the rest of the struggle makes the guard a conceivable bad figure. Good that machines can not blush against shame.

The lazy link defeats a guard

Link itself has not moved once in the entire fight. Only in the second, as the Guardian attaches to the floodgate attack, he raises his shield as a precaution. Used, he would not have it, but the guard immediately rams one of the columns.

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In the comments, the fans wonder how the hero could really miss every attack. The User Rassocneb evaluates the fight with the words: Link wins by doing absolutely nothing.

A Zelda player attaches itself to a Mini Guardian from Breath of the Wild. His sophisticated fighting tactics, which consists of absolutely nothing to do, goes up and the guard misses all his attacks.

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