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The present is magnificent, the future questionable. Germanys most successful team sports selection of recent years, not only looks at the Olympic Winter Games in February in Beijing, but also with worries on the next few months. Ice Hockey National Trainer Toni Söderholm, who finally established the Olympic-Second of 2018 after two inspiring World Cup tournaments with rank four this year as a coronation in the worlds top, could leave the DEB 2022. Although the national players blew their coach in Krefeld Cup on Sunday in Krefeld, to extend his contract expiring after the World Cup in May in Helsinki, so relatively little spoke on the weekend.

All involved seemed to dawn that the 43-year-old Finn will be difficult to hold. Of course we wish that he stays our coach, said Germany-Cup captain Marco Novak from the Düsseldorf EC. But we also know how well he is. And well desirable. According to reports, Söderholm puts in the NHL. There he was recently allowed to hose with the Florida Panthers and approved by the DEB for this even a national coach course tails.

Kuwait: This also draws work from us

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Even if there will be nothing in the short term with one of the coveted coaching items in the best league in the world, several European top clubs Söderholm are likely to take Husband — lush salary as included in the German ice hockey covenant. That the Toni is desirable, we are looking forward to the work with us, formulated sports director Christian Kuwait diplomatic. In the coming weeks, discussions should follow again with the Finn — and at best a timely agreement. At the latest after Olympia you should decide, said Deb President Franz Randy of the German Press Agency on the edge of Germany Cup.

Söderholm smiled only tired of it. Im under no pressure. It is important that we take more time than too little time. That we just have everything in mind, said Söderholm, who wants to wait for the coach stage Olympia. For winter games in February, a renewed medal is measured in view of the return of the NHL stars to Olympia. But Germany is likely to run in Beijing with the sporty best bid of recent decades.

67 Players on the Olympic List

Top striker Leon Driest (Edmonton) and goalkeeper Philipp Grubber (Seattle) consigned world-class, defensive talent Moritz Safer (Detroit) is on the best way there. High-profile talents such as Tim Support (Ottawa) or Lukas Rachel (Rockford / AHL) have their Olympic ticket safely and also at home the range of internationally good players has risen in the Söderholm era.

You now have a depth in the squad, who makes it difficult to the national coach, said Noway. 67 players has Söderholm on the Olympic List — enough for two and a half offers. The offer has not just become smaller due to the impressive appearance in Krefeld. Although Söderholm deliberately renounced several family forces who are likely to have their ticket for Beijing, the Germany-Cup bid again showed what Söderholms teams have always been awarded for three years: team and fighting spirit, courage, self-confidence and continuous performance. With Olympia it will be a superior troop, no matter who is there, said Noway. We can celebrate successes.
It is questionable how it continues structurally afterwards. If Söderholm want to make the next career step, a sporty backwards threatens.

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