Warzone developers pusher the launch of the Pacific map on December 9

The Call of Duty Pacific Map: War zone, which was initially launched on December 2, was officially postponed to December 9. Unfortunately, Activision did not provide any reason for the delay, but the new calendar drops the card, as well as the first season of Vanguard, directly above the long-awaited infinite Halo campaign.

First Look at Call of Duty Warzone Pacific (New Map)
The season 1 of Vanguard and War zone Pacific will now be released on December 8th, the developers of Call of Duty wrote on social networks. The owners of Vanguard will have a first exclusive 24 hour access to the CALDERA card; Free access begins on December 9th.

As mentioned earlier, players who already own Call of Duty: Vanguard will discover the new 24-hour game card before everyone else. An Activision representative also confirmed that the full version of the franchises brand new anti-cheating system was also pushed back to the same new release date.

That said, it is safe to say that Call of Dutys Last Days of Verdant event for War zone players has also been extended until December 8th. All players will be able to start their Caldera card experience from December 9th.

Many fans of Call of Duty: War zone think that Activision has decided to delay it to avoid being massacred by the release of the Halo Infinite campaign. The fans can not really know it really. However, it should be noted that the delay announcement was made shortly after information reporting complaints about Blizzard Activision CEO, Bobby Kick. Kick was accused of allegedly concealed cases of sexual harassment within the company. Hundreds of activism employees have shown and called Kick to leave his PDG position from the company.

This long-awaited Pacific of Call of Duty: War zone is considered the biggest change for the game Royal Battle of the game since its launch last March. Caldera will bring the players back at the time of the Second World War in a much more sunny environment with new points of interest.

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