The first patch for the infinite halo multiplayer has already arrived

Hallo Infinite is a first-person shooting video clip game established by 343 Industries and modified by Xbox Game Studios. Its departure is scheduled for December 8, 2021, on Windows, Xbox One, along with on Xbox Collection. This is the 6th main game of the Halo collection, adhering to Halo 5: Guardians launched in 2015.

It has not been a week, but the people of 343 Industries is already working hard on the settings and corrections for the multiplayer Halo Infinite. Not only added more ways to get experience in the Battle Pass, but today a patch was also launched that brings a few improvements in this section.

Generally speaking, the most remarkable thing about this update has to do with the microtransactions of the game. Users in PC will have noticed that the microtransaccles of Halo Infinite are not shared between their Steam and Microsoft Store versions, but after this patch, this is already corrected. Out of this, 343i also mentions that some stability settings were made, especially for Big Team Battle mode. Here are the full notes:

— Halo Credits purchased from outside Steam, for example in the Microsoft Store, Now they are also reflected when you play HALO INFINITE at STEAM

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— Oddball rounds now have a 5-minute counter in Matchmaking

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— Improvements to stability in the games of Big Team Battle

— Various improvements on the side of the servers

If you are on PC, and play in your version of Microsoft Store, this patch will have a weight of 720 MB. Same case for the console version. Where it does change is at Steam, where you must download only 130 MB.

HALO INFINITE WORT December 8 for Xbox and PC consoles.

Editors Note: It is clear that the people of 343i has been closely monitoring the reactions and feedback from the users. In addition to the controversial Battle Pass system, its authors will surely modify other aspects of the game, and we will have to get used to downloading many of these patches in the future.

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