WM without BVB stars Hamann practices harsh criticism of Marco Reus

FIFA 98: On the method for the World Cup is a football video game released in 1997 as well as works with Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Windows, Game Kid, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Saturn. The game has been published by EA World Cuping activities. It is now commemorated for its amazing soundtrack, composed of Tune 2 of Blur, and also many tunes from the Crystal Method. Depending on the country, the player on the game box was various: Andreas Miller for Germany, Raúl for Spain, Roy Lassie for the United States, David Gino la for France, Paolo Molding for Italy, David Beckham for the United Kingdom.

The German football national team was torching and playful in their last two tasks in this calendar year and may already engage with preparation for the 2022 World Cup. TV expert Dietmar Haman has heard his very own squad for the final round in Qatar. Surprising: a professional from BVB you are looking for awarded in your listing. At the same time Haman practiced harsh criticism of Borussia Dortmund s Marco Reus.

The crew of national coach Hans Flick has retracted significant victories against Liechtenstein (9: 0) and Armenia (4: 1) — albeit the international border double pack under special sign. Because personally had to change flick properly.

First, Florian With, Nico Schlotterbeck and the first time for a long time since Julian Dealer had to leave the DFB selection prematurely due to muscular problems. Shortly before the duel against Liechtenstein, the DFB also announced that Niklas Sure had infected with the coronavirus. The Bavaria professional then traveled as well as his contact persons Joshua Gimmick, Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musial and Karim Adam. Flick nominated Jonathan TAH, Maximilian Arnold, Ride Baku and Kevin full.

The rather improvised eleven the two tasks nevertheless sovereign — and apparently impressed ex-national player Dietmar Haman. The Sky expert sat down the Wolfsburg Maximilian Arnold, who was allowed to complete his first international match since Armenia since 2015, in his personal World Cup squad. His fellow players Lukas Mecca, who debuted against Liechtenstein for the A team, and Ride Baku would be in Qatar when it goes to Haman.

Haman criticizes BVB-Star Zeus

While the wolves ask three German World Cup drivers, Borussia Dortmund would not send German national team at a national coach Haman. Neither Marco Reus, who was nor at Liechtenstein nor to the scorers, nor Julian Brandt, who was allowed to carry the DFB jersey for about a year against Armenia for about a year, should take the 48-year-old to the World Cup.

Especially at the BVB captain, conflict potential, as Haman performed Road to Qatar in the Sky program. Zeus had voluntarily renounced participation in the past European Championship finals. He had previously shown the best football, and then he realizes and says he needs a break. For me: If you absorb a tournament from free pieces, your career is finished as a national player.

The fact that the 32-year-old was already traveling against Liechtenstein for reasons of burden control, Haman should have not liked again.

RB player, Gunboat and Hoffmann are missing at Haman

In addition to Zeus in the squad of the 59-fold national player, Dortmund s central defender Mats Hummels and the midfielder Mahmoud Aloud and Eyre Can, who were not nominated due to their recent injuries. No player is also represented by Demister RB Leipzig. Sometimes surprisingly missing in the listing meanwhile rail players Jonas Hoffmann of Borussia Mönchengladbach, who was able to prove himself under Hans Flick as a right-back, as well as man city star Play Gunboat.

Gunboat is an outstanding club player, but only an average national player. I do not know where and with whom he should play, said the ex-national player.

The biggest block in the Haman squad is naturally the FC Bayern. In addition to Manuel new and Niklas See, Lon Gretzky, Leroy Sané, Thomas Müller, Jamal Musial and Serge Gnabry, should also count the Sky expert.

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This is Haman s World Cup squad:

Gate: New, TER Steven, Trap
Defense: Günter, Space, Sweeper, Rudder, Winter, Baku, See
Midfield: Arnold, Gimmick, Gretzky, Bauhaus, With
Attack: Seine, Adam, Müller, Musial, Gary, Hertz, Mecca, Werner

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