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For Streamer correctly, it is necessary to have a micro worthy of the name. The Yeti NATO, lightened version of the famous Yeti, is ideal for exercise. He enjoys the approach of the Black Friday of a beautiful rebate and passes under the €100 on Amazon.

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Less cumbersome than his big brother Yeti, this version NATO should delight the streamers and YouTubers looking for a compact but powerful solution. This small micro takes up the well-known design of the brand, in a format that should leave room on the work plan. Very simple but always performing, this Yeti NATO offers two directives differences, omnidirectional or cardioid, thanks to two distinct capsules (against 3 for the elder). As usual, the micro plug n play connects in USB to the computer and can save in 48 kHz / 24 bits. There is always a helmet output, a volume potentiometer, a creativity selector and a mute button. Of course, the microphone is still usable with the manufacturer s software and enjoys voice filters Blue VO! CE.

Usually offered at €119.99, this microphone is already very accessible, especially for this level of quality. But at the approach of Black Friday, Amazon decided to go further by offering a promotion on this very good microphone. It is thus available at the rate of €91.80, which represents a reduction of 23% and allows to equip oneself without breaking the piggy bank.

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The best alternative to this Yeti NATO remains his big brother, the Yeti. The safe value of streaming, although larger, has many qualities. The Yeti offers 4 directives different (against 2), cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo. It is always possible to apply the filters Blue VO! This or to mount the microphone on an articulated arm. The microphone remains Plug N Play Thanks to many buttons and always benefits, by means of the USB connection, the brand software. On the other hand, there will be some additional euros since the Yeti is traded around €150.

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