A new game Fight Night would already be in development

EA is responsible for several series related to the world of sport. From FIFA, passing through the NFL, to the UFC. However, there is a property that for 10 years has remained silent, and it is Fight Night, which focuses on Boxing. While there is no official information at the moment, A report indicates that a new delivery of this franchise would already be in development.

According to an email that was sent to the workers of EA Canada, which was shared by NGC, a new delivery of Fight Night is already under development. However, the study is focused on the next EA title Sports UFC, so the production of the boxing game is paused at the moment. This was what was commented about:

We are very excited about UFC 5 and… we want to eliminate the divided approach that several members of our leadership team have had in the past to be able to concentrate only on offering a high quality UFC 5.

EA Canada has indicated that this decision is due to the competitive market in this section, and wish that its creative managers are focused on only one project at the same time. For years Boxing fans and fans have demanded a new Night Fight game. In general, this series has a good reception, so a future delivery will surely be pleased by many players.

On related topics, FIFA does not want EA to be the only one exploiting this name. In the same way, EA s actions were collapsed after the possible change with FIFA.

EA CONFIRM NEW Fight Night Game Coming!

Editor s note:

Although innovation in EA Sports Games is almost null today, these jobs are always of great quality, and are worshiped by sports fans. Having a new Night Fight will surely be liking over one, and considering that the last title came out in 2011, we will surely see many innovations.

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