Edward gaming player betrayed for which champions you Lol Worlds

Edward Gaming (EDGE) is a professional esports company based in Shanghai, China.
EDGE s League of Legends group contends in the Organization of Legends Pro Organization (LPL) as well as plays house video games at the Shanghai Electric Industrial Park. It is the only LPL team to have actually won both the Mid-Season Invitational and the World Championship, in 2015 and 2021 specifically.

The League of Legends World Championship 2021 today crowned a new champion. After a gripping series with five games, it was Edward Gaming from the LPL, who brought home fame after defeating the reigning Champion DWG Kia with 3: 2 in games.

The World Championship may have just come to her exciting degree, but during the press conference after the final, the EDGE players made it clear that they have already thought about the champions for which they would like to get their own personal world champion skin. Each year, each player receives his own unique Champion Skin s first player. The skins are traditionally in some way around the team, so that this year s skins are tricked with their own taste of EDGE.

Li, Andre Xuan-Jun, Zhao, Jaime Lizzie, Lee, Scout Ye-Chan, Park, Viper Doyen and Than, ​​Make ye can choose a single champion, which represents them best The tore to get a skin that immortalizes your performance.

But with which champions do the EDGE players want to counter their opponents with style in the next season? As it looks, they are not yet 100% set to their final champion.

Here is what every player had to tell the winners during the press conference when he was asked which Champion he would choose a Worlds-Skin.

Flanders: Graves or Jayce
Jaime: ​​ undecided, but a champion he played at the World Cup 2021. That is, it should be one of Jar van IV, Lee Sin, Olaf, Talon, Diego or In Zhao. Be
Explore: One of the champions he played in the final, i.e. Leblanc, Rye, Twisted Fate or Zoe

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Viper: Aphelion, Es real or Lucian

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Make: Lulu, Name or Yuri

With a wide selection of Champions we can barely wait to see who each player chooses. But please, Make, not Yuri — anything but Yuri.

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