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The Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed is the luxury keyboard with switchs ultra flat of the Swiss manufacturer. With a nice promo of -30% thanks to a promo code at Material.net, this keyboard is a must.

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In the class of ultra high-end mechanical keyboards, the Logitech G915 TKL maintains a place of choice. This keyboard TKL ( tenkeyless, numeric keypad) embarks what is best for the manufacturer. Its frameless design gives way to a beautiful aluminum plate, particularly neat and gives the impression that the keys float above the chassis.

Particularly born, this keyboard stands out for its construction Low-profile, improving the fineness of the set as well as the comfort of typing without cumbersome cuffs. We appreciate the comfort of typing shot offered by the switchs Low-Profile GL of the brand Kailh. This keyboard comes in 3 versions offering the choice of the Switch Clicky (type Cherry MX Blue), tactile (type Cherry MX Brown) or linear (type Cherry MX Red).
In addition to all this we have the right to some welcome media keys and a very nice volume wheel.

Finally, the G915 benefits from LoGitech s LightSpeed ​​ technology, aimed at delivering the speed of the wired, but without any unsightly cable. This technology has proven itself and thus competes with other wired devices, offering very low latency. For those worried, the autonomy is very good, Logitech assuring 12 days of use with RGB backlight activated and up to 135 days by disabling lighting. Do not panic however, it is also possible to use this wired keyboard.

Originally offered 229,96 €, This version TKL takes advantage of a beautiful discount on the site of Materiel.net. Indeed, by adding the promo code RIFT to the basket, the Logitech G915 TKL LightSpeed ​​ in version SWITCH GL LINEAR and SWITCH GL Touch Enjoy a 30% reduction ! It makes its rate pass to 160,90 €, a nice deal for a keyboard of this level. Attention, the offer is only available until November 7, 2021!

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Discover the G915 in GL Touch Switch

Discover the G915 in switches GL Linear

What alternative?

Corsair K70 RGB…



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It can be opposed to its direct rival, the corsair k70 mk.2 in low-profile version. This Corsair keyboard is a real reference and take advantage of flawless manufacturing quality to highlight the Cherry MX Low Profile Switch. If the typing striking comfort is at the rendezvous, however, it will be necessary to accommodate an imposing braided sheath on his desk. Indeed, the Corsair keyboard is not wireless and is not TKL, but it has the advantage of being proposed a little cheaper: 179,99 €, what remains still more high that our Logitech G915 TKL LightSpeed ​​with promotion.

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