Pokemon was a foreign group of animal abuse this time Park Rai 6

The overseas organization that claimed the protection of animals in the game this time he listened to .

Animal Protection Group (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) announced a statement that deletes a chicken fight that appears in through the website of the 7th. Peta said, It is a recent social atmosphere that is made of a horny-like video game like a chicken fight. I urged it.

The chicken fight of <Park Rai 6 appears as part of the contents in the game. Users can communicate with animals and battle, and they can experience chicken with chicken named Chiangon. The chicken fight is a variety of actions, such as being implemented in Daejeon Fighting Format, which reminds me of the , etc. However, because the chicken dies or blood, it is not possible to die or bloom.

Ubi Soft says, is the fiction that is in the Virtual Island located in the Caribbean, said Fetter, Fiction in the Virtual Island located in the Caribbean, said Fiction. did. In fact, it is directly exposed to directing the content to modify the contents.

This is not the first to claim that the Peta should protect the animal in the game.

They criticized the series of raccoon dresses, Someone may think that there is no problem wearing fur, he said. Fishing and insect collection contents of animal forests> have argued that they encourage animal abuse. In addition, the Peta said that the Monster Ball of the series reminds me of the questionnaire to be tied to the train cart, he said.

In 2008, in 2008, pointed out that animal abuse elements have animal abuse elements in the ingredients of the animated style cooking game , and <Cooking Mama: Mom Kills Animals (Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals) showed a pirate game called Mama Kills Animals..

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