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For the first time, the OLED LG 65C1 TV appears at a rate simply never seen. Proposed at 1499 € at Rue du Commerce, this 65-inch ultra HD TV is ideal for enjoying movies but also video games.

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Still elitist, the OLED technology remains less attractive, for movie lovers like video games. The recent LG 65C1 does not derogate from the rule and offers an immersive experience perfectly at the last Sony or Microsoft consoles.
For who wants to enjoy a beautiful size display ( 164 cm diagonal) and the image quality and contrast rate so extravagant of the OLED, the LG 65C1 TV is unavoidable.

Beyond the display quality, this LG TV is also the best ally of demanding players. Featuring 4 HDMI 2.1 ports , this TV is compatible with multiple technologies sounding like soft words in the gamers ear: Flux 4K 120 Hz , VRR ( Variable Refresh Rate ) Allm ( Auto Low Latency Mode ) or EARC allowing an uncompressed audio return. PC players will also be sensitive to Certification NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Freesync Premium .
Once switched to game mode, the TV shows first order performance, with a delay to display only 9.6 ms and a remanence time below the millisecond.

For the rest, this TV LG distills benefits up to expectations, with an infinite contrast ratio, a very satisfactory maximum brightness, in HDR as in SDR and a faithful display of colors. This LG TV even allows you to embark a very good invoice audio system that can even get rid of its bar.
Proposed at 1499 € By Rue du Commerce, it is difficult to find a more convincing offer, especially at this price, the price of this television 65 inch is close to that of the LG. 55C1, the same, in smaller. So why deprive yourself ?

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Philips 55OLED8 …







At this price, it is difficult to find competitors offering the same level of service. However, we can quote the very good Philips 55OLED856 TV. If the latter has some qualities, it fails to outperform the LG 65C1, particularly at the level of audio performance. On the other hand, we can count on the presence of the ambilight system, projecting around the TV a light showing the tones displayed on the screen to plunge the spectator even more immersion in its contents.

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