Pok mon Go Tests of new pok stop features and eggs

The developers of Pokémon GO want to regularly improve the game and test in the near future regional some comfort adjustments and other changes. Among other things, the aims to get newcomers better to the game. So in the future, there should be a special research for newcomers, which will bring you better to the hunt for the pocket monsters. Even nickname suggestions and more tips for trainers are probably paying for these beginner comfort aspirations for new players.

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New Pokéstop features

This point in the list of soon tested adjustments lets the eyebrows of Pokémon Go players, because there is no further information. And of course that leaves room for speculation! In the past, there have already been rumors that it could be possible to highlight Pokéstops as part of a step system and then benefit from various bonuses. Whether it is new pokéstop functions remains to be seen.

Updates on the Ei-Brütesystem

These indicated adjustments (besides a way to cancel the slip animation), coaches hope that perhaps circulating adjustments are made. The bracket system regularly ensures displeasure among the players of Pokémon Go, because most of the pocket monsters, which can slip out of the eggs, are maximally uninteresting. But alone the option to skip the slip animation will delight a lot of fans.

Danke you always support us to continue to improve Pokémon Go. We are already looking forward to the results of our experiments and hope that we can quickly publish the final versions of these features as soon as the tests are completed and the updates work as planned So the finals of the people of Niantic. As soon as tests of the new features and comfort adaptations are started, you will learn from us.

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