NBA 2K21 includes the WNBA league on new generation versions

NBA 2K21 came out in September for some kind of MEH reviews. There are also non-deactivable advertisements, which are not good. However, there is something cool who comes out. If you own NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever edition, you can play exclusive WNBA franchise mode, Mywnba. What is cool about it is that this mode is not only the same Myteam experience with a female player or team. There is a much deeper experience to find in Mywnba with personalization.

As in MyPlayer, you can choose the position, the balance of skills, the attributes and the appearance of your customizable WNBA player. When you play with your character, you can follow not only his statistics on the ground, but also his influence out of the field. This means that your player improves his progression, popularity, wnba popularity, richness and chemistry. Some of them can be increased simply by playing games with your player, while others are affected by the choices you make outside the games.

NBA 2K fans know everything about the gameplay on the ground. Additional elements that will help your MyPlayer progress include roles such as coach, contractor, world icon, fashion icon and influencer. Mywnba also allows you to customize the rules of the league. Not much detail about it, but we can assume that it means playing times, the team composition and other factors in the way the game is played. NBA 2K21 is now available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Stadia, and will be available on Xbox Series X and PS5 when these consoles are launched. Discover our review of NBA 2K21 here.

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