Minecraft Dungeon Tips All weapons and armor and all enchantments

Here are all the different booty to collect together with enchantments that you have to pay attention.

Mojang s Minecraft dungeons are not the most complicated action-rpg looters out there. However, it is still helpful to know the entire prey present in the game, especially if you try to put together a build. It does not hurt for collection purposes.

Let s look at the different weapons, armor and artifacts for this purpose that the players can find in the game. Let s start with weapons. Further information on some of the best unique weapons in the game (together with the best farm-emeralds) can be found in our guide here.

Cursed ax
Double ax
Fire burn
Highland ax
Fast teeth of the frost
Fighter bonds
Glaive Glaive
Venom Glaive
Hammer of gravity
Suns grace
Diamond pickaxe
Frost Sense
Seel Sense
The last laugh
Lucky steering
Jailor s scythe
Whispering spear
Bone bow
Butterfly warm breast
Elite Power Bow
Wild soul bow
Guardian arch
Red snake
The green threat
The pink rogue
Dark Katana
Sword sword

Here is a view of all armor available in the game:

Armor of the champion
Evocation Robe
Grim armor
Mystery Armor
Plate armor
Scale mail
Cave Research Armor
The railing
Archer armor
Fox armor
Highland armor
Withers armor
Sooudancer robe

Finally, these are all artifacts you can find. Further information on artifacts, what you do and how to get it, can be found in our guide here.

Corrupt beacon
Lightning ladder
Death Cap mushrooms
Fishing rod
Fireworks arrow
Flaming quiver
Boots of speed
Light feather
Delicious bones
Totem of regeneration
Totem the shielding
Totem of Soul Protection

All enchantments

If you discover different types of prey, you will encounter enchantment. These are essentially attachments that provide additional benefits or benefits. Affixes have different levels, with the lowest (stage 1) giving a weaker effect and the highest (stage 3) the strongest effect. Let s look at the different enchantments here, starting with melee.

Anima Conduit – Absorbing a soul can restore a small percentage of health.
Chain – 30 percent chance to chain a mob with each other and keep in place.
Engaged – Injured opponents suffer bonus damage.
Critical hit – increases the chance of critical hits.
ECHO – allows you to immediately perform another attack after an attack.
Enigma Resonator – increased chance of critical hits, depending on the number of souls that you own.
Explode – defeated enemies explode. Explosion damage is a percentage of the enemy s health.
Fire aspect – Find enemies for three seconds.
Freeze – allows freezing of mobs and their slowdown for three seconds.
Gravity – Pull opponents nearby for a short time to the point of attack.
Leechsel – defeated enemies restore health. Recovered health is a percentage of maximum health of a enemy.
Plundering – Increased likelihood that prey falls from defeated enemies.
Gift cloud – 30 percent chance that a poison cloud appears for 5 seconds.
Prospector – Increases the chance to find emeralds of dead enemies.
Broadcasting – 20 percent chance to produce an area that heals allies in this area.
Amookroad – Increased attack damage after victory over an enemy.
Sharpness – weapon causes more damage.
Shockwave – The last attack in a combo creates a shock wave.
Beating – adds undeclared opponents to additional damage.
SoulSiphon – 10 percent chance to get additional souls of defeated enemies.
Stunning – small chance to stun enemies for a short time.
Swiveling – Changes the last attack in a combination in a swirling train that harms enemies nearby.
Thunder – 30 percent chance to summon a lightning strike.
Lowness – attacks reduce the damage of the enemy for five seconds. Applies to all neighboring enemies.

Let s take a look at the different enchantments for armor.

Cowness – if the HP is full, both ranged combat and melee damage are increased.
Health synergy – with the artifact a small amount of health is restored.
Fire track – The roll leaves a burning track that takes four seconds.
Distract – Chance to distract ranges.
Explorer – By crossing 10 blocks, a low state of health is restored.
Speed ​​Synergy – By activating the artifact, the movement speed is increased by 110 percent for a short time.
Surprise gift chance to produce a consumable material with a healing potion.
Thorns – damage suffered from enemies is returned as a retaliation damage.
Burn – all neighboring enemies are burned every 0.5 seconds.
Cool – The cooldown of artifacts is reduced.
Swiftfooted – Increased movement speed for 3 seconds after rolling.
Snowball – fires a snowball on neighboring enemies every few seconds, which slows down it.
Drank barrier – 90 damage reduction for a short time when using a healing trail.

Finally, here are all ranged enchants that you can get.

Accelerate – increased attack speed with each shot.
Bonus Shot – Each shot gives a bonus shot near a nearby enemy (which causes less damage).
Chain reaction – shots fired on an enemy can trigger a firing chain.
Fuse Shot fires a explosive shot after a few shots, causing space damage.
Gravity – pull enemies briefly on the impact of a fired shot.
Growing – opponents with great range suffer increased damage.
Infinity – after shooting an arrow, grants the chance that this arrow is replenished.
Plundering – Increased likelihood that prey falls from defeated enemies.
Multishot chance to fire multiple arrows at the same time.
Piercing – get an arrow after a selected number of shots piercing several opponents.
Gift cloud – 30 percent to make a poison cloud appears that harms enemies over time.
Force – elevated arrow damage.
Strike – Increased recoil of arrows.
Radiance Shot – 20 percent chance to produce an area that heals allies in this area.
Quick Fire – Increased attack speed.
Ricochet arrows have the chance to bounce enemies and to damage multiple enemies.
Supercharge – add more damage with charged shots. They have also increased pushback.
Tempo theft – steal the speed of movement of the enemy for 4 seconds.
Unchanting – Enchanted enemies suffer more damage due to shots.
Wild Anger – The chance for enemies can become angry and attack other enemies.

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